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I put that video up there Bc it's one of my favorite parts of the movie😂


The next day was the game against the Hawks, all of us stood by our bench as the Hawks warmed up. Charlie stood next to me, stick in hand, his red Minnesota sweatshirt on over his hockey gear, to substitute as a Jersey.

I wore one of my dad's old jerseys, it being red too, already having my last name stitched across the back. I had my arms crossed as I watched the Hawks, my stick was leaning against the wall next to me, helmet sitting on the floor next to my stick.

After a few minutes, Larsson and McGill came over lifting up their helmets, to talk to us. "Hi girls" Dave went to attack the two of them in anger, as they skated away laughing. Terry had to grab him to keep him from falling over the board in front of them.

I held a glare on them as they left, some of the boys shouted in protest as I huffed in anger. "One day. Charlie I swear, one day they will get their just deserves. And I just hope to be there when it happens." I looked over to him only to see him smiling down at me already.

Slinging an arm over me in a side hug "I'm sure one day it will happen. Just gotta wait." I smiled in response, coach ended up making his way into our bench.

❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆

"Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win!"

We all watched as the Hawks cheered right before the game started, Coach ended up grabbing our attention "alright guys gather round, come on, come on!" he gestured with his hands as everyone huddled up.

He started chanting "Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win!" As a few of us joined him and others made fun of him. I stood there, as I rolled my eyes in annoyance at this, shoving my helmet on my head.

It was quick to die down, as he found that no one was either going to cheer, or going to cheer properly. "Ya... we're fired up." Coach said as he now made us go out and warm up.

Telling us to slap Greg's knee pads, which he barely has already. The hawks doing the same on the other side of the ice, Greg decided to yell words of encouragement "oh, great. Good concept, guys. Nice- " cutting himself off when Jesse hit him, "ouch!" Then Terry "Ouch!" Charlie hit him next causing Greg to fall.

I was after Charlie, stopping in front of Greg as he yelled "Nice goin' fool!" Charlie looped around the net, as he tried to apologize, hanging onto one of the poles on the net to help him stop. "Sorry, I didn't mean to do that."

"Oh, yeah, "I didn't mean to Knock you down with my stick by accident"

I glared down at Greg about to say something when Charlie cut me off "Well, yeah, sure, come on man, you're on my own team." They both started to argue as Charlie started to hit Greg's helmet with his stick "Oh, sorry, Goldberg. Didn't mean to Goldberg. Whoops. Whoops."

"Would you get off me before I clock you?"

I pulled Charlie away in anger as I stood between the two of them "Enough! The both of you." I looked from Charlie, to Greg as he finally got up, Charlie sending a glare behind me towards Greg. I brought Charlie's attention back to me "Charlie, stop hitting Greg." He went to say something, only for me to hold my hand up causing him to shut his mouth and keep quiet.

I turned to look at Greg as I continued "And you." Greg looked around, then back to me "Who? Me?" I rolled my eyes, anger written across my face "Goldberg, drop the damn attitude. Charlie apologized so suck it up and move on." With that I skated off to the box, Connie quickly catching up with me.

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