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The sickening sweetness of freshly spilled blood filled Bendt's nostril's as he wiped the blood from his hands. The handkerchief would need to be burned - a real shame - but it was a small price to pay. The jogger was ignorant enough that Bendt had been able to catch him without any fuss. Headphones were a true blessing of the twenty-first century. Especially to a creature like Bendt. Hikers, joggers, even the occasional mountain biker or skier out and about on secluded trails were great as it was, the distraction of noise-cancelling earbuds made them even easier targets.

Bendt kicked his meal's drained corpse into the steep ravine and gathered his tools. The gentleman's supply meant that Bendt would be well-stocked for the next few weeks, meaning he would be free from his shameful need for death during that time. A major positive if things with Lykke continued down the current path they were on. For the first time in well over a century, Bendt felt happy. Lykke had given him his life back. The thought brought a smile to his face as he mounted his bike, carefully unloading his tools into the basked and putting the fake bottom into place. 

With a breath of relief and contentment, Bendt rode home with the thought of his beautiful girlfriend on his mind, not at all worried about the slowly rising sun on the horizon.



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Elsker og kvaler: A Love Story in DenmarkWhere stories live. Discover now