Chapter 40- drunk

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Zach's POV
We walk in and there's already a couple people.
"Hey Corbs, is there going to be any alcohol?" I ask kinda worried.
"Yeah, why not. You can't have any tho, your too young." He says.
"Okayyy.... dad." I roll my eyes and walk over to Jack.
"Please no drinking babe" i tell Jack.
"Pleaseeee! Jonah's staying sober so he can drive." He tells me.
"Ugh.." I groan, "fine."
Jack smiles at me and kisses my cheek. I can't stay mad at him. I smile at him.

Time skip to an hour later

Loud music is playing, the house is filled with drunk people and smells heavily of drugs and alcohol. Corbyn, Daniel, and Jack are drunk as can be and guys and girls are making out in every corner of the room.  I do not belong here at all.
Jack comes stumbling over to me.
"Heyyyy babyyyyy." He says sitting on my lap.
"You look soooooo hotttt" he says with a hiccup.
"Thankyou babe, you too." I say playing with his hair. Not gonna lie, drunk Jack is so adorable.
"Baby?" He asks me.
"Yes Jack?"
"Do you really loveee me?" He asks in a babyish voice.
"Of course I love you, do you love me?" I ask.
"Of courseeee, your like... the cutest person on this entire planet. And your like.. so nice and sooooooOoo handsome, like, I'm jellyyy." He giggles with another hiccup.
I laugh at him and kiss his cheek. His face goes bright red.
"Omg! My crush just kissed meeeee!" He yells.
I laugh at him.
"Jack, I'm your boyfriend." I giggle.
"Omg! My crush just called me his boyfriendddd!" He yells. I can tell he's joking.
"Jack, your such a goofball." I say.
"Zach, your such a cutie." He responds.
I laugh and blush. He hugs me. He's the cutest, I couldn't be any luckier.

Sorry this is short. It will be longer next time. I've had a bit of writers block so sorry for not updating. Love you all.

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