The two who sacrificed it all

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I'll be mainly focusing on Y/n ((reader-Chan who just wants to go back to normal and eat cake)). I just don't want to go to different people's battles when this chapter is mostly about your fight

°•°The two who sacrificed all°•°

♤♤3rd pov♤♤

The air is intense and the mages are still pinned to the ground by the all powerful BlueNote. Although, the intensity grows when Cana - who claimed to have the 'Fairy Tail Spell' ran to the male.

She began to chant the words, a light forming around her hands as she did so. A beAm of golden light shot to the sky, piercing through the clouds, a ring of light forming.

The female who was sitting on the branch leaned forward in awed and astonishment, waiting to see how it'll turn out.

She was soo caught up that she forgotten the main reason why she decided to go with the male in the first place.

"Fairy Glitter!"

The bright light launched and struck the ace of the Grimoir Heart Guild, his screams going unnoticed by the female dragon.

He kneeled down and place his hand on the ground.


The ground below him began to sink, the light of the 'Fairy Glitter' reflecting and avoiding him.

The light dispersed and came back with great force, blowing the bystanders - along with Cana - back. Bluenote's face held anger, and even disappointment.

"I see..." He started, a glare going straight to the brunette.

"Even one of the strongest spell can be trash when put in the wrong hands." He growled out. The brunette that lies on the floor couldn't help but to build up tears, disappointed and angry at herself for failing once more.

"But don't worry." He outstretched an arm.

"I'll be taking the spell."

"And I don't need you alive to do so."

A cloaked man protectively stood in front of the fallen female. His arm stretched out. A wave of force made the ground crumble and Bluenote to be sent feets back.

"No way." Hikari mumbled, a smile crawling to her face.

Happy cheered and pranced around - the spell that Bluenote casted on them to keep them down subsided.

"It's him!" Natsu cheered.

"Gildarts is here!"

The mention of his name made Y/n gasp. He's actually here. The one who survived an encounter with her father. This is more than enough truth of the strongest wizard in Fairy Tail's power.

She knows her father isn't the one to spare people or leave someone alive without going after them. Atleast of what she knows of.

Adrenaline filled her veins. He's obviously a more worthy opponent.

Gildarts broke a large portion of the ground below him, letting it carry him to the sky. With an ounce of his magic, he broke it into cube and sent it to the male.

Bluenote simply charged, fist filled with his unwavering fury.

Y/n hopped down from the tree, using her areial magic to make sure her two exceeds had a safe landing as both of the male's blows made contact.

And her exceeds were more than scared as they out together how they made the fall safely.

"Don't tell me you two knows how to use aerial magic!" Natsu whined childishly as the fight happens before him.

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