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Whenever a song is mentioned I will have a music video up top to go with it. Also every song will only appear in the book once.

Let's just say, we all sucked.

As Lester acted like a commentator, me and Connie looked at Lester then at each other as we had the same idea. We were quick to skate over to Lester, knocking him over on both sides, Connie then grabbed my arm dragging me over to the coach.

"Hi coach"

Connie said in her usual cheery voice

"I'm Connie, and this is (Y/n), do you play?"

"No. So what's our record anyway?"

I jumped in and answered him"0-9"

Connie turned my negative statement into a positive one"One was pretty close tho we only lost by 5, and we almost got a goal too" the others skated over to us as Jesse asked"So what do we do now, coach?"

"What does your old coach have you do?"

Charlie shrugged and responded with"He just yelled a lot" the rest of us nodded in agreement

"Ya that's how he hurt his arm" I said as Gordon looked over at me"his arm?"

I opened my mouth to say something when Peter cut me off "ya, when he was yelling at us "you little bastards! Learn how to play! Oh you suck at how to skate you little-" he cut himself off as he acted like he was having a heart attack and fell backwards.

"Heart attack, great."

I heard Gordon mumble, as he continued"alright, I gotta make a phone call keep scrimmaging" he then pointed to some of us"you, you, you, you and you, against you four"

I narrowed my eyes at him"Uh, we have names, ya know?" Gordon looked over at me"I'm sure you do, and I'm sure there very nice names, I might even learn'em, for now I'll be in my office." He opened the door as I glared at him, the grip tightening on my stick"oh and if you need anything, fax me" he laughed and went back into the limo.

"That jerk, why I auta-" I got cut off when a hand found its way to my shoulder"I know, he's awful. But, I have an idea" I looked over at Charlie only to see a smirk gracing his lips.

Next thing you know, we're all piling ourselves on top of the limo, and around it, pressing our faces to the glass and shaking it in protest.

Dave ended up opening the door as we all piled into the limo, Connie started chanting"we want a ride!" As we all soon followed into an uproar, until Gordon finally gave in"Take'em for a spin, anything!"We all started cheering in triumph as the limo started to move.

"Wow, I feel like Madonna" Connie said as Jesse countered with"You wish"

Suddenly and awful stench hit the air like someone let one loose, me and Charlie looked at each other in disgust before looking at Greg, all of us yelled"Goldberg!" People started yelling for someone to open a window, when Charlie sat up and said"Aw man, it's my mom" I sat up and looked out the windshield as Charlie continued"She looks pissed" Gordon ended up shoving Charlie to the side, causing him to fall on me.

"I-Uh, hey"

I giggled a bit at him and ruffled his hair"Get off me numbskull" he smiled and chuckled while moving off of me, only for Charlie's mom to open the door of the limo.

'Uh oh'

"Alright, out, everybody out of the car, right now"

We all got out as Charlie's mom dragged Gordon off to the side and started yelling at him, I stood by Charlie"On a scale of one to ten, how mad to you think your mom is?" He chuckled and shook his head"Well, guessing from the arm flail, the raising tone of voice, and the red face, tho that could be from the cold. I'd say.... about an eight or seven and a half"

I laughed a bit"that's pretty pissed"

he smiled"your telling me, I'm just lucky that it's not me getting yelled at"

This caused the two of us to snicker at our own conversation, suddenly our laughter was cut short when his mom turned to us"Charlie, (Y/n), let's go." With that she walked off in anger. Passing by the limo driver who was currently shaking Peter upside down to get his candy out of him.

Gordon turned to all of us"well, I guess practice is over."

Charlie turned to everyone"sorry my mom ruined it you guys" he then turned to Gordon"And coach, you gonna be at the game tomorrow?"

"By the order of the state of Minnesota, yes"

With that Charlie grabbed my hand and walked off, with me in tow. Charlie's mom was already in the car as we both got in the back I took off my gloves and stared at my hands.

'I knew she wasn't gonna come again...'

I cleared my throat a bit as I asked" Uh, Mrs. Conway?"

"Yes, (Y/n)?"

"My mom isn't home again, is she?..." I asked in a gloomy tone, 'just for once, I want her to be my mom. Is that so much to ask?'

Mrs. Conway stayed silent as I looked out the window and mumbled"I thought so..." after a few minutes I heard Charlie speak"Hey mom, can you turn on the radio?" Now of course Charlie always knows how to cheer me up, music was one thing I loved most and he knew that, like the back of his hand.

She turned it on only for the song The Seven Seas of Rye by Queen to start playing on the radio. The piano started playing as Charlie did a funky dance to it, causing me to just roll my eyes and look back out the window.

The first verse came on as Charlie didn't know the words, so he sang a bunch of gibberish causing me to laugh a bit and wave him off"let's leave the singing to me" he laughed and responded with"There's my (Y/n)" I raised a brow a bit at his statement, but shook it off as I started singing the rest of the song.

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