chapter forty seven

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I honestly never thought I'd wake up with two girls in my bed ever again, but when I I turn over and wrap my arms around Abby's waist to pull her closer to me, I catch sight of another small body bedside hers and freeze instantly.

It takes a few moments for the sleepy haze to pass before I recognize that it's Nia's sleeping body cuddled up next to my girlfriend, and a few more seconds of me desperately racking my hungover as fuck brain to confirm that I didn't actually have a threesome with my girlfriend and her best friend last night.

Since Jenny and James called dibs on the girls' room last night while we were in the pool, Nia came back with us to crash in our room. She was pretty wasted by that point, so after Abby brought her into the bathroom to help her change into a pair of pajamas that Micah let her borrow, she passed out cold the second her head hit the pillow.

She honestly could have taken the other bed with Micah since Luke never ended up coming back to the room, but I think Abby wanted to keep her close by because she tucked her into our bed securely and made sure she had the travel sized bottle of Aleve and a cold water bottle on the nightstand beside her before she followed me back into the bathroom so we could get ready for bed.

She slipped out of her wet clothes and pulled on one of my black t-shirts and boxers as her pajamas since Jenny and James didn't answer the door when we went to get her and Nia's bag. We stayed out in the hall for a few minutes as Abby softly knocked on the door, but after the fourth set of knocks she looked up at me with tired eyes and a defeated shrug of her shoulders before turning around and leading us back to the elevator.

I wasn't exactly surprised when they ignored her knocks since James complained that they resorted to fucking in the pool bathroom the other day and I have a feeling they're not planning on getting out of bed for a while. I can't blame them, if I could afford to buy us our own room, Abby and I wouldn't be crashing with Drunk and Drunker either.

The only thing that she was really worried about was her toothbrush so we stopped by the front desk on our way back to my room to grab one. The guy behind the desk looked around our age, maybe a little younger, and I caught him trying not to smirk as he handed her the complimentary travel sized toothbrush. When his eyes flicked down to her chest I had a pretty good inclination it was because her already tight lingerie top was even tighter soaking wet and it was a hell of a lot more see through wet. His eyes didn't linger long because he sensed me staring at him and when his gaze caught mine he cleared his throat uncomfortably before turning around quickly and shuffling through a stack of papers on the counter.

We managed to make it back up to the room without another incident, but honestly I couldn't blame the kid because when Abby leaned back against the elevator wall and smiled up at me in that I wish we were alone kind of way, I could feel my own eyes gravitating toward her chest too. The black lace material was a tease, especially since I could clearly see the outline of her perked nipples through it, and when she teasingly trailed her hands up her body, over her tits, and into her hair the way the stripper taught her, I was very tempted to just say fuck it and empty my savings account to buy us a room for the night.

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