Declan O'Callaghan #2

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A/N I just got really inspired to write this lol hopefully its okay if you haven't seen Leap Year I advise you do coz its cute af and i'm really not into super romatic romcoms but its <3 anyway.... LEGO!!!

The howling wind and torrential rain abused the dimly lit pub, walls almost shaking at the explosions of thunder. The old yellow stained bulbs giving a cosy feeling to the otherwise harsh wood that provided a form of shelter to those brave enough to face mother nature in leaving their homes for a pint of that liquid gold. The old regulars all crowded around the sticky bar nursing their last pints for just a little longer before they would have to return to their sour wives at least this is what the grumbles were about filling the stale air. Declan leaned against the aging wood damp tea towel in hand making the occasional comment on the football scores and other small events that would come into conversation. Sometimes Declan would join in complaining about wives with the gruff old men to which he would get a quick kick to the butt from Y/N. No matter how comically bitter the old punters were the whole village enjoyed witnessing the young love that Declan and Y/N emitted, in some cases it would even pull in the occasional traveller with a gravitational like pull. 

"You can take the man out of the fish, but you can't take the fish out of the water." Paddy stated drunkenly grinning before chuckles burst out from between the men. Nobody really knew what Paddy was going on about half the time but they humourred him anyway. "Um...hello." came a soft voice from the doorway, the voice itself was unfamiliar so when the owner of the voice happened to be a very wet overdressed lady silence fell over the room. "Are you open" the lady asked tentatively stepping forward wiping water from her face. "Australian" Derot stated to Seamus semi loudly though it was clear he'd tried to lower his voice. "Southafrican." Seamus disagreed as he eyed the woman up. "Actually She's american." the red headed woman awkwardly pointed out "Anna from Boston." she continued clearly a little put off that she'd had to identify herself to the strangers before questioning them if there was a bus or train she could get Dermot and Seamus started bickering amongst themselves again. Ignoring the pair Anna turned to the quiet dark haired man that leaned against the bar pen in his hand with a seemingly very unwelcoming expression cast across his features.

Y/N had left the men gossiping at the bar a minute or so prior to Anna's arrival to make herself a cup of herbal tea the night taking its toll on the y/h girl. So when Declan came around the corner to the old landline connected to the wall a look of confusion painted on her y/s/c faced. With a filthy smirk on his face Declan silently held his finger up to the female, what on earth was he up to. "I'm sorry but we don't drive american redheads." he declared before walking to lean against the doorway one arm crossed over his chest causally. "I'll tell you something about Dublin Anna from Boston." he began making his way back to the bar that held his newspaper "Dublin.. Is the city of chancers and cheats... And backstabbing snakes. It's were the worst of humanity collects and poisons this fair country. I wouldn't drive you to Dublin if you were to offer me 500€" Declan trailed off not even trying to hide his hatred for the city. Delcan didn't always hate Dublin but after Y/N's heart had been broken by her ex cheating on her and running off to Dublin with the other woman to only dump her by text Declan hated the city for breaking the heart of the most precious woman in his life. It had taken ages for Y/N to return to the girl everyone knew and loved and even then she wasn't as happy go lucky as she was before. Declan had saved her and helped her put every piece of her heart back together and he was going to be damn sure nobody ever cause her pain again.

"Well if one of you could direct me to the nearest hotel or Bed and Breakfast" Anna sighed lightly just wanting to leave feeling like an animal in the zoo due to every pair of eyes in the room being trained directly on her. Slowly Y/N walked towards the group discarding her tea before proceeding to smack Declan on the arm. "Declan O'Callaghan don't be such a rude eejit" the y/h/c female hissed appalled by her husband's behaviour turning to the woman still dripping water from her battle with the elements. "Oh love you just be soaked to the bone. Excuse my Husband. Let's get you settled in." taking Anna's hand and bag before leading her up the stairs Sending the room full of men a deathly glare. "It's bad luck to piss of an Irish woman..." Seamus stated quietly and for once Dermot didn't argue with the statement. "Ta be sure its bad luck."

After getting Anna settled for the night Y/N returned to her tea that was lukewarm at best by this point heading back up the stairs to her own warm bed. Bed sheets pooled at her waist bed in hand the y/s/c woman relaxed not even looking up when Declan entered and sat on the end of the bed with a ham sandwich in hand removing his heavy boots. "Really at this time of the night?" she chuckled, honestly her husband really could behave like a child sometimes. Turning to face the woman mouth hanging open bread practically falling out onto the sheets "What" he mumbled working his way up to hug her tightly. Quickly swallowing he kissed her forehead whispering gently "I love you" slipping into their own little world. Suddenly the lamp went out leaving them in darkness, not even the streetlights could give the room a glow as they had gone out too. "Oh for fuck sake" Declan growled jumping up and ripping the door open to give Anna from Boston a piece of his mind!!!

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