The Night

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I walked in the premiere behind my baby, Jroc and the boys was all behind us. Sammy was infront of us, I was gone be on my best behavior tonight even when seeing her ex. I know he be feeling her still liking and commenting on her instagram but shit I dont give a fucc thats instagram, Tell me who sleep next to her every night.

She the only one I see, I peeped dude staring but I mean shit I would to! Boog looking fine as always. She grabbed my hand walking to where we supposed to be, We stood infront of where we supposed to sit and I seen Cassie she sat in the back of us I guess she aint wit Puff she done popped out with some white nigga ion know.

That nigga Trey was standing infront of us talking to some folks but was looking at Boog, He cut off his conversation and approached her so I pulled her closer.

"Wassup L" He said with a high pitched ass voice, She said Hey to him and they got to smiling and shit. Nigga gave me a head nod and I did the shit bacc let him know ian for the games. He walked away and got to socializing with other people.

"Nigga was bout to hug you"

"Babe, stop" Boog said reaching her head up to kiss my lips.

"Cuz needa watch out then"

Boog shook her head, She hugged some of her co-stars and caught up with em.

We then sat and I put my arm around her chair while these folks introduced what we was bout to see.

I tensed up seeing she had a love interest with Trey, but I brushed that shit off cuz she a actress and shit aint no feelings involved, I would hope not. Now Im sitting here not even paying attention im trynna get that shit off my mind cuz she really got a love interest with her ex nigga. Hoggy looked bacc at me laughing in shit, So I flicked his head.

"Aye cuz turn around"

"Nigga u mad at me like Im da one that gotta kiss u"

"Hoggy stop" Boog whispered laughing.

I whispered in Boog ear, "So its funny?" She was laughing at Hoggy knowing his ass was laughing at me cuz he know I was gone feel some way. "Hussle please" she gave a puppy dog eyes look, I hate when she do that shit she know I cant resist that.

I pulled my phone out and turned my brightness down, I strolled on instagram when Boog slapped my phone out my hand. "Seriously? You're doing to much" She moved from out my arm that was around her chair.

I locked my phone and put it in my pocket and watched the shit. The shit was good as hell until I realize they had a sex scene in this shit.

Jroc and Hoggy both turned they heads laughing, "Ahhh damnnn" Hoggy whispered. I wasn't up for the shit so soon as The scene went off I waited a good three minutes until I got up, I aint wanna go right then cuz I aint want folks in my business.

I stood outside and lit my blunt up, Ion care where Im at gotta bring one with me. Sammy came outside cussing me out and shit I wasn't trynna hear it sometime she swear she the big sister of Blacc and I.

"Ermias really? Why you out here and not in there watching?"

"Ian trynna see all that shit! She aint even tell me they was gone be doing alllat, I aint feeling it"

"Bro she is an actress you know that!" Sammy started laughing. I aint gone lie I felt like a fool but shit pride something else cuz I wasnt bout to say "you right" specially not to Sammy she'll take it in run with the shit.

I stood back smoking my shit chilling looking at the sky making music in my damn head.

Few minutes went by then everybody came out, "Where Boog?" I asked them looking around. "Cuz she in there still" Jroc said slapping my blunt out my hand. "Nigga you lucky as fucc I was finna put that shit out anyway on hood"

I checked the time and seen I got a text from Boog, She mad at me and had to make it clear through text so I stuck my phone back in my pocket ignoring her text "That shit was good Why you left Nip?" Hoggy asked.

"The shit over?"

"Man yeah! They only showed the first half just so we can get the feel of it when it actually release they ended it on the cliff hanger"

"Damn and I missed it?"

"Yeah duh nigga!"

Boog came out and everybody hugged her and told her how they proud and how she did. She rolled her eyes at me and I sucked my teeth. "What took you so long to come out?"

"You would've known if you stayed in there, So don't talk to me" She said taking a picture for Sammy.

They all was laughing like she was a comedian I ain't see shit funny at all, Boog and her smart ass mouth. She pulled me to the side when she was done taking Sammy's pictures.

"I texted you"

"Yeah I know, I saw"

"You saw? You know that piss me off when you ignore my text"

"You just told me not to talk too you Boogie"

I know she forgot to tell me what her and that nigga roles were in this movie cuz she ain't want me to act an ass. But that shit kinda got me hot but I gotta understand she a actress I keep telling myself that shit. She came up close to me, "You're mad about the scene?"

"Passed mad, Im pissed the fucc off"


"Why you so close to me back up Boog" I pushed her back trying not to laugh. I can see her getting mad but I was just fucking with her so I grabbed her in for a hug. "Im just playing, You know I'll never push you like that"

"I was about to say Nigga you know better"

"Girl you know you was gone go cry and say ion love you nomore or some shit"

"Eww Hussle do I really do that?"

"Now you know damn well you do sometimes Boog"

"That's because I hate when we're at odds, It makes me sad, Knowing we're so much better than that"

I rubbed her face and hugged her, Her face was deep at my chest. "You're such a baby Boog" We laughed but then got caught in the moment looking at each other. I ran one hand down her arm caressingly, enjoying her bare skin. Boog don't even know how I'm feigning for her just like how we first. We snapped out of it realizing where we was. "But seriously Hussle are you mad?"

"Boog not nomore Im good" I said giving her a kiss. It was her night and I wasn't about to ruin her shit just because I wasn't feeling that Lil ass scene on hood. I was proud of she a little hard on herself and I be telling her bout that but she'll learn.

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