Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

They sat down under a secluded tree, on a blanket where a picnic basket was set. Jade couldn't help but smile adoringly at Perrie as she squeezed her hand lightly, not letting go of it as she used her free one to open the basket as the hand that was holding hers grazed her knuckles. She'd planned everything, and that thought alone made Jade melt on the spot as she admired the way the sun shone on the younger Geordie's blonde hair.

-Have you done this?- she asked, shyly peeking at the blonde.

Perrie grinned broadly, shrugging as if to say it was nothing.

-I was hoping you'd say yes. It's simple, really, but I thought it'd be a good idea to have a picnic together. It's a nice day and it'll be even better if I can share at least a part of it with you- she stated, truthfully, staring into her eyes as she tucked a loose strand of hair behind the brunette's ear, following the movement with her eyes before focusing them on the older Geordie's now blushing face. Jade unconsciously looked down, hiding her face with her hair as a crimson colour painted her cheeks. Her heart was swelling from Perrie's words, its beating turning erratic when the ivory-skinned girl raised her face gently as she rested her thumb and index finger on her chin.

-Please don't hide, someone this beautiful shouldn't hide.-

-Y-You think I'm b-beautiful?- Jade whispered, incredulously, her eyes slightly widened as if in shock. No one had ever told her that. Well, her mother had, but she didn't think that counted.

Perrie smiled at her, gazing at her as her hand cupped her burning cheek.

-I think you're the most beautiful person I've ever seen- she whispered, more to herself, though Jade had heard her and she felt like screaming and jumping around, but there was another feeling that was even stronger at that moment: she wanted Perrie to kiss her. She'd wanted to feel those heart-shaped lips on hers for so long, she didn't know if she could wait any longer, but her shyness took over and stopped her wishes. She smiled back at the blonde girl, admiring the way her sapphire eyes seemed to be sparkling and how a cute, little dimple had made its way to the pale cheek. She wanted to kiss it so bad. She leaned in slightly, making her intentions clear as her eyes trained on the younger Geordie's lips momentarily. Upon noticing Jade's proximity, Perrie's breath hitched in her throat, though that didn't stop her from leaning in herself, closing her eyes as their noses touched. It was just the two of them now. No one could get in the way. The older Geordie breathed in, nervously, a small smile covering her lips when she felt Perrie press a barely there kiss on her cheek, followed by a lingering one on the corner of her mouth. Her warm breath was fanning over her top lip, clouding her mind as she relished in the way the blonde's hands were holding hers, delicately caressing the skin. Their lips brushed, and a jolt of electricity invaded the brunette's body once more. After what felt like minutes, their lips met, firmly pressed and still just to savour the moment and prove it was real. Jade's insides warmed up in an instant, her heart beating out of her chest as a wild, fluttering sensation invaded her stomach. She didn't think there was a word to describe what she was feeling at the moment. She couldn't think about anything else other than Perrie, Perrie, Perrie. The blonde tentatively raised one hand and rested it on the older Geordie's cheek, cupping it tenderly as her other hand played with Jade's fingers that were intertwined with hers. Jade released a content sigh, smiling against the ivory-skinned girl's soft lips and resting her free hand on Perrie's thigh. She always thought that she wouldn't know what to do or where to put her hands whenever she thought about how her first kiss would be, but it felt so natural and so right with Perrie, it only made her crave more and it seemed the blonde had the same feelings as she slowly tilted her head, searching for a better angle on the older Geordie's lips as they were proving to be extremely addicting to her. Jade returned the kiss, her lack of experience not being an obstacle, tasting the blonde's sweet lips as the hand that was once on her thigh was now running through the younger Geordie's smooth locks. Perrie smiled, getting braver as she gently picked the petite girl up and placed her on her lap, holding her by the waist as her other hand kept playing with Jade's. The older Geordie was surprised, but only inched closer to the blonde. When air became an issue, they pulled apart, as slowly as they could, still locked in an embrace. The younger Geordie was the first to open her eyes, her heart dancing happily as she admired the brunette's tiny smile as her eyes fluttered open. They stared at each other, sharing a timid smile as their foreheads touched. Jade was over the moon, flying high above the clouds as the feeling of Perrie's lips lingered on hers.

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