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I remember my dad used to be a huge fan of Hockey, he had bunch of flags and posters spread across his room of the Minnesota Waves. Trophies littered shelves in his room from when he was younger, Hockey used to be his whole life. His life was soon cut short though, as he passed away from a long battle with cancer.

After that day, my mom took down all my dads trophies and flags from their room. She said that she couldn't bare to see them, she threw it all in the basement including his lucky puck.

I remember the story he told me about it, during a Minnesota Waves game against the Kings a puck flew out of the ring, hit him right in the face. He couldn't see straight for months but he'd always say "it was well worth it" at the end of the game he ended up getting it signed by Zach Parise, he kept it in a glass case.

Once my mom moved everything, I decided to put it in my room, she might want to forget about him, but I never want to. I decided to play Hockey, I was raised to like the sport, so I decided to play it for my dad.

I ended up meeting Charlie in the process, and we became close friends, we lost every game but no matter what we had fun, other than the Hawks attacking us all the time.

Right now Charlie and I were running down the sidewalk trying to get to the alleyway Lester, Dave, and Peter we're at. "What do you even have in that bag?"

He laughed"you'll see when we get there"

A smile graced my lips as I yelled"Race you there!" And ran off ahead of him, I heard him yell"Common (N/n)! You always lose these races!"

'Not this time'

I laughed a bit when suddenly Charlie ran past me, my smile faltered, as he made a swift turn into the alleyway, I followed close behind.

"Told ya"

He sent a smile my way as I moved my braid over my shoulder"Ya, ya, whatever"

"Did you get it?" Peter asked Charlie as he started to take it out of the bag"Yeah, right" he handed the can of chilli over to Dave"there" Charlie responded with as Dave started calling for the dog that was now eating from the trash. "Aww, he's, so cute!"

Lester chuckled at my reaction causing Charlie to glare at him and elbow him in the stomach"Shut it Averman" I giggled a bit as Lester now gripped his stomach in pain. The dog came over as Dave put the can down.

"It will keep you warm buddy"

Lester laughed"the warmer the better"

I widened my eyes, as he ate the whole thing,
After that we started following the dog around.

"So, what exactly are we doing?"

Charlie looked over and was about to answer when Dave quickly said"Waiting for the dog to crap, what else?"I stayed quiet after that.

"He sniffs some more, stops, okay this is it! He's turning, he squats, he scores!" They all started cheering and highfiving as I just laughed and rolled my eyes.

❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆ ❆

Lester now put the bag full of dog crap, on the side of the road with a dollar in it, we all ran and hid off to the side as we watched some dude stop his car and pick up the purse.

"Ya... there's more inside" Lester said evilly as I chuckled and shook my head. The guy walked back into his car and started to drive off, Charlie was quick to grab my hand as he ran out to watch, the others following close behind us. We watched as the guy stopped his car and yelled, while throwing the purse out the window.

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