Things just got complicated

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No ones pov
You stare into Optimu's eyes with a smile on your face. Megatron suddenly leaps up behind you. You jump and turn towards him. He has a huge grin on his face and it creeps you out. A lot.

Megatrons pov
She is astonishingly beautiful. I could never imagine such a perfect femme in my life. My spark is filled with joy that I can finally claim her as mine. That was until Prime said "welcome to my pack" well all I have to do now is convince her to be mine. When she jumped it made her look so cute.

"Hello again pet~" she backed up a bit, clearly scared of me. She was a little shorter than me but not too much. Optimus growled and charged at me, I was just able to dodge him. "Don't call her that!" He yells at me. Prime is angry. How interesting and perfect.

I stood at my full hight to make sure I looked intimidating. It clearly worked on y/n her e/c eyes are filled with fear. I can't help but scare her she looks even more adorable now than when she was a human. "Well Optimus let us continue with our battle then." I'm just about to lunge at him when I hear a scream. One of the Autobots pets has run up to y/n and is embracing her.

Mikos pov
"I can't believe it y/n! How are you a dogformer?" She is so pretty and amazing now. Her black fur goes perfectly with her eyes. She looks at me and laughs. She really is amazing. "Miko didn't you just see Primus. ... Raph are you okay?"

No ones pov
Raph comes over to you and embraces you, crying. You try to comfort him by nuzzling him on his palm. "Raph why are you crying?" "I'm fine this is just a lot to take I. Y/n how are you so brace?" You gave him a lick on the hand and replied in a sweet voice,"Raph I'm not brave...And please can you stop hugging me, I can't breath." He let you go with tears in his eyes.

June suddenly came storming towards all of you with a very angry expression on her face. You all braced yourself for a lot of shouting. But it never came. She had walked over to Optimus and Megatron, she looked so angry you'd think smoke was coming out of her ears.

June's pov
As I got to the two giant dogs I swear I would have killed them if the children wernt here. How dare they just start fighting with each other over y/n. They made her run away and now she's a dog! They both looked at me with poker faces. Still and unreadable. "What are you two thinking!" I yelled in their faces. "You can't just say y/n's your sparkmate and then fight over her."

Optimus looked shocked at my sudden outburst, Megatron was clearly angry and growled. "How dare you-" Megatron began but I interpreted "No how dare you call her pet!" He growled but I ignored him "You don't even know her you never even met her and you are already challenging Optimus for her. She doesn't even know you!"

He looked at me with his horrible red eyes but I ignore him. He first almost killed Raph and now this. He is not going to just get away with it.
Optimus had a wide smirk on his face.
"Don't think your off either Optimus." His smirk immediately disappears "You can't just go and say that someone is your sparkmate without their consent!"

Megatron stood with a huge grin Optimus just stared at me. "You haven't even known her for one year and this is, this is not acceptable!" Megatron burst out laughing. These two are supposed to be the leaders of the dogformers and they are acting like two teenagers with the same crush who hate each other. (Well that kinda is the case)

-time skip to after everyone had gotten back to the shelter-

Megatrons pov
That human , June, is one of the most annoying I have ever met. She wouldn't stop saying how y/n didn't know me and how I scared her. ohhh I have to hold back so much so I don't kill her.  Optimus also got scolded by her and it was too amusing. He was very surprised when she started shouting at him, clearly she hadn't done it to him before.

As we walked back lovely y/n talked to some of the Deceptidogs mainly Breakdown asking why he attacked her. He just said he was aiming for the Autodog Bulkhead. When she talked to Soundwave he seemed to actually respond to her more than others. He would nod or shake his head and sometimes she would laugh.

Currently we are outside the shelter and that male human is standing in front of all of us. "Y/n now that your like this you can't work here." Her tail stoped and ears flattened against her head. She let out a whimper. To cute~
"Please at least let me come here. I love to be with the Autodogs and I can't imagine my life without them anymore. Please~" her e/c eyes showed pure sadness and longing.

Wait the Autodogs. No I won't let her go back to Optimus she will be mine. "All right all right, I'll let you come here. But no fighting kid." She jumped in the air as celebration.
"I'm afraid you will not be coming back to the Autodogs though pet. " I said calmly. Everyone looked at me with confusion except for Soundwave who must know what I plan.

"You will be coming to the Deceptidogs." "No Megatron... if she must go with you she will spend the same amount of time with you that she does with us." Optimus didn't blink as he stared into my eyes. "Very well" I walked off with my pack following.

Optimus pov
How dare he. Now she must spend time with him as well. I had to say that or else he would take his full fury out on the others. Y/n was just sitting there a sad expression on her face. This must be difficult for her.  "Come on y/n it's time to go home." June announced. Y/n nodded said goodbye to all of us and climes into the car.

As soon as the door closes June comes over to me and looks me directly in the eye. "If anything happens to her, I'm holding you responsible Optimus Prime." And with that she got into her car and drove away.

Your pov
Lying on my bed I listened to one of the songs that always calmed me down. Finally free. (Play song) I tapped my paw along with the beat. This song is so beautiful and in a way I felt like it suited my situation in a way. As the song finishes I close my eyes.

My life has just changed in a huge way. As I drift off to sleep I think of Optimus and Megatron. The two of them are in love with me. I'm going to have to choose one of them soon and I don't know who. Yawning I let the darkness consume me and fall into a deep, dreamless sleep.

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