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•Midoriya Izuku pov•
It was finally friday. Though one thing I noticed in these days was that Kacchan would randomly say my name which freaked me out in a weird way. Did he thought it was funny? He doesnt laugh when he says it nor does he say anything afterwards. Just a 'Deku' and he walks away glaring at me. Gosh..

I sigh and gathered my stuff and Mina excitedly gets to my seat "IZUKUUU are You ready!!" She says and kaminari walks to my seat and I swear  I could feel the hostility and seriousness between them "I am going to crush you" Mina says to Kaminari "We will see about that Pinky" He says and chuckles. "G-Guys This is just  a silly competition right? Yea That's  right" I say and get up from my seat "Hmph! Yea Yea but  I wanna win" Mina says with her arms crossed and Kaminari smirks "Why don't  we put a Prize for the winner huh?~ to spice the competition up?" Kaminari says and smirks  slyly "How about the winner gets a kiss from Midoriya" He continues and Mineta who was standing near Kaminari, his nose was dripping  profusely with blood. "a-AGREED" He says and Mina shrugs "sure whatever, you perverts" she says and smiles.  "ALRIGHT CLASS 1-A MOVE TO THE MALL!" She fist bumps the air again and everyone did after  her. She is awesome

"Alright Who and Who is Participating?" Mina asks as A Yelling Kacchan got dragged by Kirishima who was holding him "Me and bakubro!" He Says  and smirks "right Bakubro?" "HELL NO" "that's  a yes" Kirishima smiled "I AM GONNA KILL YOU SHITTY HAIR" Kacchan kept yelling as Kirishima just smirked.

"Me and Jiro!" Uraraka says with a Jiro that was smiling. "Me too" Todoroki came forward. Everyone's  jaw dropped no one was expecting it. And suddenly Kacchan was silent too and He looked weirdly serious about  the competition. "Moi" Aoyama says  and strikes a pose. And then Toru comes  forward too "Me too! Me too I am gonna make Midoriya the cutest" she says hugging me and I smile at her. Mineta came forward with his nose bleeding "me too Ahah" he laughed all freaky Gosh He's  so weird... I shivered at the thought. "And you already know I'm  the one to crush you Mina" Kaminari says and smirks.

"Alright the rules are that it has to be something you can wear everyday..and hmm Yea that's all  I can think of. The winner will get a kiss from Izuku yup! That's  it"

Since we all were 20 in total. And the participates for the competition were 10.  The rest of 10 decided to hang around  the mall and meet up at McMight and Mina will be taking pictures and the 10 non participants will be the judge of who did the best.

The first  person who wanted to dress me up was Uraraka. She got me into the store whilw everyone else sat down and pick out a dress, It was light like green but It was in such way that my body shape just dissapeared and wasn't  showing at all. There were mixed reactions but mostly  dislikes than likes. Though Mina took the picture and I got changed and left the store.

Next It was Toru, She got me in a really colourful section and picked out a pink hoodie that said 'unicorn' and had a unicorn horn on its Hood and Blue Jeans. Not to mention the arms of the hoodie were the colour of rainbow. It was cute..childish..but cute. I wore it and It was liked but Mineta thought otherwise saying it covered up 'too much' Though Mina took the picture and I got changed and left the store.

Third was Mineta who went to lingerie shop "Come on Midoriya~" He says gesturing "DISQUALIFIED" Mina says as he pouts "NOO THAT WAS MY MASTER PLAN..MIDORIYA IN BEAUTIFUL BLACK LACEY LI-" Jiro slaps him and covers his face "I got this pervert undercontrol Midoriya don't  you worry" Kacchan and Todoroki just hardcore glared  at Mineta causing him to cry out as I sigh in relief.

It was Jiro's turn and She got us into this shop which was dimly lit and Had nice music playing I just stood and enjoyed the music as Jiro picked some things out and gave them to me It was cargo pants with crop hoodie. It was All black and I was personally  loving  it. It felt so cool "ah I love this Jiro" I say and she smiled and Everyone else seemed pleased too.

Kacchan never gave me a glance. Not once and if he did he seemed so uninterested and deep in his thoughts..ugh I don't  know why It was frustrating me. Did I looked that bad? Was he not willing to look at me? Ugh Izuku why Do you care? He doesn't  even look at you right.. I look down and sigh

MY TURN!" Kirishima says Excitedly and enters a store  for menStarts going through Rack of clothes and Picks out a Tanktop and sweat pants. Pretty  laid back. It was Black tanktop and Camouflage Sweatpants exactly like Kacchan's. I look at his face who was looking at the clothes with the exact look I had. I go into the try room and come out as It looked Great. And Kacchan kept looking at me eyeing me up and down and I couldn't  help but smile as well.


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