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3rd person point of view

Jacks' father grabbed his fur coat and called out to his son "Jack, I'm leaving to go take care of some things I'll be back around 3 o'clock!"
Jacks' father knew his son could hear him.
It was 9 o'clock so Jack would definitely be up by now.
Darius proceeded to exit his home.
He would be visiting an old friend of his.

Jack sat up from his relaxed position on his bed near the only chilly window in his room.
Despite his lack of vision Jack knew it was there.
It dawned on him someone or something could be watching him that very moment in time. He was only the slightest bit paranoid at times.
And unfortunately he hadn't had many companions in his young life.
It had gotten to the point where he was quite shy and a little bit socially awkward.
This wasn't considered his fault. Jack spent most of his days outside in his backyard listening to white noise and contemplating what they would look like to others.
One day when he was little he remembered having his father describe himself only to know how others saw him. According to his fathers observations Jack had short coppery hair and fair skin and was a little short for his current age.
This was nice being able to picture himself finally.
He sat in his yard under a tree picturing his father for a while and also what his mother had looked like. Almost until 10:30. Of course he didn't know that but he only guessed.

Darius had finally reached the top of the hill where his close and old friend dwelled.
His friend Omar lived there and had been practicing witchcraft and various forms of alchemy. This was unfortunately frowned upon by much of society at the time and still is.
He practices the summoning or conjuring of other worldly entities
or creatures.
Darius just so happened to be hoping to awaken a specific supernatural being... one that can possibly raise the dead to their previous youthful state....
Hey there it's Silvan!
I've also been working on another story: creepypasta boyfriend and girlfriend scenarios
These will have both genders separate scenarios
For example- Jane the killer x female reader
And then a separate scenario for the male readers.
It also goes vis versa so don't worry
If you are against these types of things just avoid it. Also I'm very sorry for the short updates. Adding on to that please comment your feelings on this story. THANKS FOR READING!! HoNk :o)

~ Silvan

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