You/Sansa and Arya Stark/Daenerys Targaryen - Werewolf

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Summary: You save them 

Prompt by: Rexburn12

You knew that you had no business on this side of the wall but you wouldn't help yourself. It was strange to see the White Walkers going past the wall. It was unbreakable and yet somehow they had acquired a dragon and took it down within a day. 

You shaped into your werewolf form to make it easier to follow them through their scent. 

It didn't take long for them to reach their destination and that's when you realized they were headed straight to Winterfell. You had only known about it because it was the only thing that people north of the wall talked about. 

You ran for several miles to successfully sneak past them to arrive at WInterfell where you found them already preparing for war. You stayed near the shadows after changing back to your human form as you watched them run around to prepare. You wanted to help but there was no reason for you to do so. The North had hated your kind and you wouldn't protect those that had made you an outcast so you just kept your head down as you walked around. 

A few minutes later and you heard the clashes of sword hitting bodies but you ignored all the sounds. Soon enough, the doors of Winterfell opened and in walked the rest of the White Walkers, taking down everyone inside. They all ignored you as you weren't like the humans currently running around to save their lives so you paid no attention to them. You walked inside the castle only to find none other than one of the Stark girls trying to save herself. You shifted to your wolf form and stared at her curiously as she sneaked around the library. You knew she was bound to make a mistake so you stay put and just as you predicted she ran to the nearest door and you jumped to save her. Taking down any white walker that tried to break down the door. 

When Arya noticed that no one was following her or trying to break down the door, she went back to the library to find you surrounded by several bodies of the dead. You left before she even had a chance to reach you. 

You changed back to your human form and walked around the castle, watching as both humans and white walkers took each other down. 

Because of your werewolf side, you were able to hear better than humans, it's the reason why you realized that there were people stuck behind the doors you were currently facing. You stared at it curiously, wondering why it was locked and since you had nothing better to do, you walked in, closing the doors behind you.

 You noticed the scent of the walkers inside as well as some humans so you changed your form while walking down the stairs only to find several walkers, walking up and down the crypts. You weren't planning on taking them down but when you realized that Sansa Stark herself was down here, you took them down. 

Sansa came out when she no longer heard the grunt from the walkers, only to find you in the middle of everything. She walked over to you, wondering were you came from but you just ran back outside before she reached you.

Just as you had arrived outside, you heard the loud growls of a dragon outside the castle walls. You were still in your werewolf form and you figured that it was better to stay like this as you went to see what the commotion was. 

You arrived to find more than a hundred white walkers surrounding a dragon that was carrying a woman with platinum hair. There was only one woman that could even have hair like that. You stood back as you watched her try to figured out what to do but when she suddenly climbed off of the dragon, you rushed in to kill those surrounding her and carried her near the castle. 

Much like with the others, you let her climb off and ran off as soon as she tried to get a closer look at you.

 A few minutes later and suddenly all the white walkers fell to their deaths. There was finally piece and quiet after a long brutal night and it allowed you to relax. You had only saved those three woman as you felt a pull towards them and after finally having some time to stop and think about it, you realized it was how you felt before your mate had rejected you. 

It was near impossible to have 3 mates but it wasn't unheard of. You wanted to be near them but you didn't want the same thing to happen like it did with Alys. 

You stayed in Winterfell for the celebrations and watched as the three of them tried to look for the one who saved them. They knew it had to be one of those people that shape shifted but they had no idea who it was. At the banquet, they kept their eyes on the tables in front of them when they suddenly spotted you in the far end of one of the tables. Daenerys stood up and walked over to you.

"You're not from around here, are you?"

"I am, my Queen. You must not recognize me without my other clothes. This is the fanciest things I could find."

"I might have not been here for long but I know the kind of clothes the people in Winterfell wear. I just want to talk."

There were several people in the table that had suddenly stopped talking just to listen in as to what was happening. You didn't want to attract any other attention so you followed her out of the room. 

Daenerys sighed in relief when you agreed to follow her and as she passed the head table, she motioned for Arya and Sansa to follow her. 

"We wanted to thank you for what you did. You saved our lives."

You wanted to play dumb. You didn't want to be recognized for what you had done. You didn't want another repeat of getting rejected again much less 3 times. 

"I don't know who you think I am but I most certainly did not save any of your lives."

Sansa stepped in, deciding to help Daenerys with you.

"Me and Arya know the people that live here and you aren't from around or any of the other kingdoms that helped so we know that you're on of those people that can shift. Now you can either deny or you can tell the truth. We just want to thank you, we would have been dead had it not been for you."

You sighed considering it was hard to deny them. It had only been one day and you were already attached. 

"It was me. I was the one that saved the three of you but I'll leave. I know my kind is not wanted here."

"What? Why would we kick you out after you saved us. Besides, for some reason, we've had this feeling ever since we first saw you when you saved us."

Your heart started to beat faster as you heard her words. You didn't want to get ahead of yourself.

"What do you mean?"

"Daenerys, Arya and I have been feeling this pull towards you. We're not sure what it is but we would love to explore it with you. We want to see where it leads and we won't be able to do that unless you stay."

It was physically impossible to tell them no so you nodded. You just hoped that you wouldn't get rejected again. It would destroy you if it did and you weren't sure how you would ever recover if the three of them rejected you. 


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