Chapter Fourteen: Thief

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(Y/n)'s POV

"Oi! Get me out of this damn room!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I still had the knife at my hands. He did not bother taking it away from me, and I did not bother giving it to him either. I pounded and kicked the door as hard as possible, just as I thought I hit the door hard enough, the door swung open. I met a pair of eyes looking into mine. "May I come in?" asked Zach, giving me a small smile. I nod my head in response.

He closed the door behind him and locked it shut. "Sorry I was a little late, Leo kept me busy." he scratched the back of his neck. His eyes suddenly landed on my arm, his eyes widening. "I see that your armed," he commented, a smirk appearing on his face. "Where did you got a hand of this sharp baby?" he asked me and examined the knife that was now in his hands.

I looked at my own hands, the knife was no longer clutched on my hands. His hands were so fast, I did not even notice it gone. He was skillfully fast. "How did you do that?" I asked, he looked at me, all puzzled from the looks of his face. "Did what?" he asked. "That just now. You took my knife without me even noticing." I replied.

He smirked once again, this time laughing. "Oh, that? That's just tricks." Zach shrugged. I stepped forward, "Teach me." I said, he looked at me with a look of doubt. He stared at me for a good second. "From that face of yours, I can see no signs of BS." he finally said, rolling his eyes at me. I gave out a little chuckle, "Then believe me, this trick could be of use." I smirked. "Pickpocketing needs years of practice. It is not easy to learn, nor will it ever be." Zach explained.

I yawn in exhaustion, like a lousy student being forced to listen to the teacher's lecture at detention. "How'd you learn it anyway? What's the reason?" I asked, changing the topic instead. He looked through my eyes, his sassy expression disappearing.

He stretched both of his hands out in the air and looked at me once again. "I was a little thief back then when I was a kid. We lived in a pretty small town and there would always be held a festival once in a year full of luxurious people with their fancy purses, jewelries, branded clothing's and what not. I prepared myself and trained everyday, pickpocketing commoners until I get a hand of it. Of course I would get in a lot of trouble, but hey its good exercise for the legs," he laughed.

"When the festival finally arrived, I was fully skilled. Of course not that much skilled since I just trained over nine months. I thought that maybe if I could still something valuable to one of the rich people while they were in town, maybe the Aisnley's would finally let go of my father. But nah, it was useless." Zach rolled his eyes.

"Don't lose hope, we can still make it." I said, making Zach smile "Thanks, (y/n)." Zach responded. Suddenly, we heard loud footsteps coming close to the room. "Quick Zach, hide." I usher him away to the closet and closed it, just in time as the door slam open.

We faced each other and I began to clench my fist as I felt a knife in my hands. Zach must have gave it back before he entered inside the closet. "I'm surprised you still did not kill yourself, I was worried." Leo said, looking at me with a smug smirk on his lips.

"I won't end my life. I know that Simon is alive, I know he is!" I ran towards him and pointed the knife at his neck. He looked down on me, I could feel his heartbeat, that's how close we are to each other. His smirk faded away, his look becoming sinister.

"Why do you have to care about that filthy servant of mine, (y/n)? He has nothing, and I have everything your heart desires." Leo glared, "That's exactly the point, you have everything but a heart! But Simon has a heart and soul, unlike a psychopath that kills people for fun like you!" I growled.

"Is that so?" he growled back, taking my wrist and snatching away the knife as he put the knife against my neck. "Don't act like that. I've been only protecting to you and had provide everything for you, don't be so ungrateful now, (y/n)." Leo whispered as I wince in pain by the sharp blade piercing through my skin.

I felt a trickle of blood coming out of my neck. Leo wrapped his hands around my (w/s) waist tightly, making me unable to breath. If I move, the cut on my neck will only get deeper. I was losing my breath, I was getting choked out. "Don't even test me, (y/n). You'll regret it." he chuckled as he let go of me, making me fall down on the floor.

He turned around with the knife still in hand. "I don't regret anything!" I yelled at him as I stood up on my own two feet and ran towards him and kicked his back as hard as possible as he took a step back. He looked behind, giving me a sinister look like I just ruined his perfect day.

"I will kill you." I growled, jumping towards him as he fell on the floor. I snatched the knife from him and was ready to stab him when the door suddenly slam open and my face was met with a fist as I went flying up in the air and hitting the closet.

"(y/n)!" I heard Zach's voice as I blacked out.

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