Chapter 40

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~Rye's POV~

His head lay on my chest and his arms wrapped around my waist. In turn, my arm was over his shoulders pulling him closer to me.

We still sat under the tree, gazing over to the school. Hypnotised by the twinkling lights of the stars hanging in the sky above the school. Just constantly flickering and shining across the black backdrop.

I listened to the crickets and insects making music around us. Providing the perfect melodies to our love story.

Andy - "Rye?" He whispered, almost as to not disturb the serenity.

Rye - "Andy?" I answered and looked at him.

He giggled.

Andy - "Do your parents know?" He said seriously.

I looked at him confused.

Rye - "Know what?"

Andy - "That you like boys?"

I thought about it for a moment. I had only ever been with girls before, but I guess I always knew I liked guys. I didn't think my parents thought anything of it. But looking back, they were both incredibly encouraging and understanding. They didn't care when my cousin came out as transsexual, so I guess they would react the same if I tell them about Andy. But it's still scary to think about telling them, because what if I'm wrong?

I turned back to Andy to give him an answer.

Rye - "No," I muttered, "No they don't."

I looked in his eyes, a sense of fear plastered throughout them.

Andy - "Do you want to tell them?" He said slowly.

The fear on his face was clear as day. Maybe scared that I would say no?

Rye - "More than anything"

As soon as I said that, his eyes lit up and he smiled. I'm glad to see him happy, it makes me happy.

Andy - "I was thinking, and only if you want to of course, that we could tell our friends, and maybe our peers so that we don't have to keep this a secret and we could, you know, hold hands and kiss in public and..." He was talking so fast that I had lost focus on what he was saying in the moment.

I waited to see if he would stop talking so I could answer with a yes, but he never did. So I decided to shut him up myself.

He was confused at first when I pressed my lips to his, but soon he kissed back.

I pulled away and stifled a giggle before speaking.

Rye - "Please shut up," I smiled, "I would love to tell people, and kiss you in public and hold your hand when we walk through the halls. As long as I'm with you, I'm happy."

His smile broadened and eyes lit up more before he pulled himself closer to me once again.

Rye - "We should really head back now" I whispered.

I could almost feel him frown. But he gave in and we began to walk back down the hill.

We were hand in hand once again as we made our way back to the dorm rooms.
Neither of us were talking, but we didn't need to, we were just ourselves in that moment. Together, but ourselves.
In a matter of minutes we were back standing outside the door of our shared room.

Andy - "Can I sleep in your bed tonight?" He asked, oh-so innocently.

Rye - "Of course you can"

We got inside and both changed clothes before crawling into my bed on the left side of the room.

We lay looking at each other, not talking but eyes connected. Just sharing the moment together.

The moon peeked through the curtain and lit up his every feature.

His blonde hair casted shadows on his forehead, like an artists creating patterns and pictures across his canvas.

I brought my hand up to his head and brushed some of the hair away, becoming the artist in that moment.

To think that this incredible boy was mine put a smile on my face, a smile bigger than I've had before.

He replicated my smiled and pulled himself closer to me.

And in a matter of minutes, the both of us drifted off to sleep, wrapped in each others arms.

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