[Love and Tears] part 15.

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The dorm was empty when I returned home. I decided I wouldn't visit Terry today because I wasn't sure if I could handle it. Instead, I'd have a lay down and just relax. Something I hadn't done in a while. 

I grabbed a glass of water and filled it to the brim, tipping in ice, which wasn't a good idea since it was snowing outside, making water fall out of the sides slightly. I carried it carefully to my room and placed it gently on my mini side storage. I then fell on my hard uncomfortable bed, compared to Jay's, and closed my eyes. 

I'd thought about all the sudden outbursts I had made today, which didn't do me any justice. I mean, how could I blurt such a stupid thing out to Jay? I won't have sex with you? I blushed at the memory. 

Snapping me out of my thoughts, someone knocked on the door. Who could it have been? I'd just left Jay's so It couldn't have been him. June was constantly at the hospital with Terry so it couldn't be them. I then remembered the receptionist had tried to knock once and I snapped at her, so it couldn't be her, unless she was a dare devil which she certainly wasn't. I decided to open the door and take myself out of my own curiosity. 

My mouth dropped as I realized who it was. My eyes bulged out of there sockets and I simply stood there, shocked. 

"Callie? Is it really you?" They asked. I nodded as I smiled and tears filled my eyes. We then proceeded into a bear hug, hugging tightly and not letting go for a good minute. "Arent you going to invite me in?"  

I felt nervous, but they knew what I had to go through, so I let them in. 

"The bedroom's there." I said, as I directed her to my room. "Do you want anything to drink?" 

"No thanks." She replied. "I haven't seen you in ages, Callie! I just need to talk to you. I've missed you lots." I wasn't sure whether to smile or cry at that. How did she find me? 

"Danielle! My bestfriend! I've missed you so much, too!" I cried, hugging her again. She hugged me back tightly as she sniffled, I'm guessing she was crying aswell. Tears welled up in my eye to see my old bestfriend back. 

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