Chapter 1

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Izu's POV

Today is my first day of high school. This school only let's Vampires into it. I am just thinking I am a late bloomer for what I am supposed to be. Also this is a month in the school year but here we are. I haven't ment my classmates yet but I have been in my dorm room since I got here. Anyway I have ten minutes until class starts so I quickly went to the classroom. When I got in there everyone was just starring at me. Which I just went to my desk and hid my face.

Soon the teacher came into the room. "The spots festival is in two weeks. Also leave me alone since I will be taking a nap." He just fell asleep and what teacher will ever do that besides this one. I don't even know his name and he probably didn't mention a new classmate yesterday. Then a girl with short brown hair a little shorter then me and a blue haired boy with glasses and engines which might be his quirk walked up to me.

"Hi I am Ochako Uraraka a half blood." "I am Tenya Iida also a half blood." They also smiled and I shook there hand smiling back. "I am Izuku Midoriya." "That is it don't be shy to say what type of vampire you are since Bakugou and Todoroki are both pure bloods." I first looked at Todoroki and kinda got a chill from his expression that I can't read. I then looked at Bakugou and saw his eyes shine for a second which I know isn't right. "Well the thing is I ain't sure what I am."

Everyone just freezed and ignored me the rest of the day. When we got back to the dorm they were just talking to one another while I looked at the full moon that was tonight. I know that full moons keep everyone up and transform someone to be who they are supposed to be a werewolf or vampire. I know I haven't gotten my title yet but I could possibly understand I ain't normal.

I sighed and went to my room and fell asleep since the moon didn't affect me for now. When I got to class the next morning I heard them talk about the blood silver moon that happens every fifteen years which is tonight. That reminds me my mom said I was born the last time it happened so maybe tonight is my night I can transform. Soon class started.

"You all know the blood silver moon is out tonight. This one will keep all of you awake again and enhance your vampire powers. For the people who hadn't gotten there saying yet from when younger they were to strong to get out unless this type of moon happens." Knew it and I hope no one stay away from me because of this. Later in lunch they were surviving raw meat and blood Ab. I kinda looked disgusting for the type of blood it was.

Anyway I got some meet and found a vending matchen and got O type of blood. I then found an empty table and started to eat. Yesterday I didn't like the food much but today I ate it don't know why tho. Then when we went to the dorms later I just stared at the sky again. By this time the others have been looking at me weirdly but I shrugged it off. When I know Bakugou was walking to me everyone was panicking that I can tell.

"Why the fuck are you here anyway quirkless and why do you keep fucking starring at the sky." "Well the sky interests me and tells stories that I have been trying to find out like for how your eyes shined a little yesterday when I looked at them." Soon I was in a choke hold and I just stared at the sky again and saw the moon coming out. Which everyone was nervous at that and then I started to shine after Bakugou was thrown off of me.

When the glow went down I had a tail and wolf ears but I also have fangs like a vampire. My clothes changed also. I am now wearing a white shirt with a blood red vest that gose to my ankles and for pants I have ripped up sweat pants. Then I moved the fabric on my right side shoulder and saw a bat inside a wolf paw. That is probably telling people who I am but the bat didn't show like a half blood. It showed like a pure blood one. Half blood if from witches if you are wondering.

My tail started wagging and I looked happily at my classmates. "Wow we have never seen a vampire werewolf before." Then I short pervert came up to me and started being one to me. "Get away Mineta." By that time I was in a corner with my tail in between my legs in a ball of myself. Oh I was also crying and then I heard a big explosion. "Leave him alone perv or you get it." I then heard him and the other classmate run away and I know Bakugou was walking over to me which I slowly went out of my ball.

He then sat by me and put me on his lap. "What are you doing." "The shine in my eyes was that we are supposed to be with eachother." Which made me a little confused until I looked at the sky again but it was different there was no stars. "Where are the stars." He then looked at the sky again and I saw the worry in it. "Not only that where is the moon." This made me sad and I just started to ball my eyes out.

"Izu please don't cry everything will be ok I promise." "No I want to see the moon and stars Kacchan." He then kissed my forehead. "Thanks for the cute nickname." I kinda blushed at that. "Now let's see what happened to the moon and stars." He then lifted me up and started going somewhere.

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