Chapter 23 - "Sherwood."

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Lisa's POV

As soon as I loosen myself from Alberto's grip, I rushed myself towards the elevator but I was late. The doors of the elevator closed and god knows where they had brought Maira.

When I saw Maira, she looked horrible. Her skin was pale and dry blood was still on some parts of her face. She really did look dead...

My heart froze when the thought of Maira dying came into my mind. What if she had died? It made me feel more anxious and it made me want to rip the hair of the doctor's skull.

"Miss, do you know if Maira Sherwood has any relatives near by?" I heard the doctor ask.

I turned myself around. It was hard to see the doctor's face as my vision was blurry because of my tears. I frowned and looked at him in confusion.

"Why?" Dylan asked for me. I saw the doctor now turning himself towards Dylan. I could see the look on Dylan's face. He looked terrified, tired and almost hopeless...

"Miss Sherwood has lost a lot of blood... She needs more blood in order for us to operate on her. She won't survive without it." The doctor said and I scoffed out of shock but rather annoyance too.

"So give her some blood. You are the doctor here." I said annoyed and I knew it wasn't as I put it out there but there had to be something that they could do...

"Miss Sherwood has the B - positive as her blood type and right now at the hospital we don't have it and the nearest hospital is two hours away which is not enough time for her. She will not survive it." The doctor said and the anger that filled inside of me when he mentioned that Maira might not survive this.

Dylan shook his head and I could see that he was shattered. He gasped and took a few steps back. His eyes started tearing up and he looked up at the doctor.

"Maira lost her family. She has no one... Not blood related." Dylan said softly and I saw how Dominic was shaking his head behind him. I saw the doctor being hesitant and I could tell that he was out of his words...

This meant that Maira was going to die...

"I have B - positive. Take my blood." I heard Dominic say and I looked at him.

Dominic was weird... I could tell that he never liked Maira but he still helped Maira when she needed help and even now he was. I don't know what his true intentions were but if he was the key to save Maira, I would take him.

"Okay, Mister?" The doctor said hesitant.

"Sherwood." Dominic replied and I frowned.

"Sherwood?" The doctor asked confused. I could tell that the rest were confused too... I saw his name but I just figured out that there was probably a technical issue...

"I thought that you said that Miss Sherwood has no family." The doctor asked confused.

"She hasn't. Sherwood is a common surname sir. So can we go save her or do you want to talk about our similar surnames and let her die?" Dominic asked a bit confused. I felt sorry for the doctor. It looked like he was taken back by Dominic's reply. He just nodded.

"Follow me." He just said and made Dominic walk with him. They also walked towards the elevator and behind the elevator's door Dominic and the doctor disappeared.

I saw Dylan walking towards me.

"Do you know about this Dominic guy?" Dylan asked and I could tell that he was serious. His eyes were now a bit harder but I could still see that one sparkle of weakness which I knew was Maira...

I shook my head.

"He is our co worker but I don't really know him. His mother died and it has affected him but that's just it." I said and I saw Dylan looking at me carefully.

"What?" Do you think he might be involved in this?" I asked confused and he shrugged his shoulders.

"It could be possible." He said.

It wasn't a coincidence. Dominic's mother died and he has the same surname as Maira. Leave that alone, they even have the same blood type... It could be possible that he could be related to Maira... He might be the son that her mother talked about in her diaries...

"What if he is Maira's brother?" I asked and Dylan laughed.

"If he was, he would come forward. He could be a impostor. A danger to Maira." Dylan said and I knew what he meant... but it could be possible...

"A danger to Maira? He has been helping her." I said and Dylan just looked at me like he knew that I was going to say this.

"Listen, let me do my work. I have been trained my whole life about people that might want to hurt Maira. I am not just her brother..." He said and walked off.

I frowned and confused stood where I was standing. I had no idea what to say because what would anyone say at this point. All this drama... All this confusion... It was just too much...

What if Dylan was going to hurt Dominic, thinking that he would protect Maira.

Concern overwhelmed me, I saw the girls walking towards me but I quickly rushed away from them, following Dylan. I saw Dylan walking towards the stairs. I ran as hard as I could to get to him.

"Dylan!" I shouted and I saw him turning himself around. He looked at me confused and then walked towards me.

"Lisa?" He asked confused.

"Don't hurt him." I said quickly and out of breath. I was now standing face to face with Dylan.

"Hurt who?" He asked and I could tell that he was more confused than he was before.


"Please, don't hurt him." I said quickly. Dylan frowned.

"I wasn't going to hurt Dominic. I want to know more about him but I wouldn't know it if I would hurt him or torture him which actually is a good plan." Dylan said but I could tell that he was joking around now. I laughed softly and hit him playfully on his arm...

A few hours went by and Dominic hadn't returned which made everyone feel anxious. I saw the doctor walking inside the waiting room and he looked utterly exhausted.

"Good news, Miss Sherwood is safe now but hasn't regained her consciousness and Mister Sherwood is in the same room. He had to rest as we required a lot of blood from him." The doctor said and I smiled out of happiness.

"Can I go and see her?" I asked quickly and the doctor looked at me. For a second, I thought that he was afraid to say no... I guess I really did make him feel uncomfortable. He nodded.

"But one only." He said and I nodded.

"The room is A224." He said and I just nodded as I made my way towards the elevator. I clicked on the buttons of the elevator in rush and then when I was finally on the right department, I rushed towards Maira's room.

When I walked in the room, I let out a deep sigh when I saw Maira laying down. I slowly walked towards her and silently sat down next to her bed on the chair. I was scared to wake her up and even though I knew that she wouldn't wake up that easily.

Some machines were making beep sounds which were actually calculating her heart beat. She was definitely still alive... Thanks to Dominic. Right next to Maira's bed there was another bed and when I looked closely, I saw Dominic laying down there unconscious.

I again sighed out of relief... Everyone was okay... Maira was okay...

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