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(third person pov)

"Slide over princess," Ethan said to his daughter. Sienna looked up from the hole in her overalls and at her daddy, standing behind the camera, next to her uncle. The 3-year-old shuffled over closer to her cousin. "Closer," Ethan edged. Sienna sighed and sat shoulder-to-shoulder to Violet.

"Daddy!" Violet shouted. Grayson raised his eyebrows as he went to turn the living room lights off, the windows providing more than enough. "Daddy, come sit!" Violet patted the seat next to her on the large couch and grinned at him. Grayson shook his head.

"This video's about you guys, angel," He told his daughter. Violet frowned as Ethan focused the camera one last time and looked at Gray. "Ready?" Grayson asked his twin. Ethan nodded and pressed record.

"Go," Ethan whispered to the two girls. They looked at each other and frowned. Ethan and Grayson sighed, simultaneously, making both grown men burst into a fit of giggles.

"Go what daddy?" Sienna asked. Ethan sighed, getting off his knees and sitting cross-legged, next to the camera. "Daddy belongs here!" Sienna exclaimed, patting the spot on the couch next to her.

"Today, daddy's going to sit here," Ethan said, pointing to the floor. "And Sienna's gonna sit there," He finished, pointing to Grayson's couch.

"C'mon guys, say something, introduce yourselves," Grayson said to both girls. Violet and Sienna frowned at the men and crossed their arms. "Girls," Grayson started.

"Fans know us," Sienna told her uncle, matter-of-factly. "Fans know Sienna and Violet," She said. Grayson sighed, looking at Ethan.

"Maybe, we need to introduce them, and then do the questions?" Ethan asked. Grayson nodded as they both stood up, brushing off their hands.

"We can just use that footage for bloopers," Grayson said as the twins sat next to their respective daughters. Ethan nodded as Sienna crawled into his lap.

"No, princess, you're a big girl now, you gotta sit next to Violet," Ethan said, trying to move her. But instead, the little girl just leaned right back into her daddy. Ethan sighed, giving up and wrapping his arms around her, watching as his niece crossed her legs and fixed her dress. "Here," Ethan said, going to tighten Violet's ponytail. Violet looked up and grinned at her uncle.

"Thank you!" She yelled. Ethan smiled at her. "Daddy, hair?" She asked him Grayson nodded, bending down to kiss her head.

"You look beautiful," Grayson told her. Violet smiled, sitting back into the couch. "Okay, let's get this video going?" He asked. The girls nodded. Ethan and Grayson nodded at each other over their heads and turned to the camera.

"And we're back!" They shouted at the same time, the girls joining in for the last word. The four started to laugh before they continued with the video.

"These are our daughters, Sienna and Violet," Ethan introduced, pointing to the girls. "If you didn't already know," He finished. The girls waved at the camera.

"And today, they're gonna be the ones making the video!" Grayson yelled. Ethan winced at his volume.

"Bro, watch the noise," Ethan muttered. Grayson hit him on the head as Violet giggled, Sienna already tuned out. "Princess," Ethan nudged. Sienna looked up at him and he raised his eyebrows, pointing to the camera.

"Daddy get me cotton candy?" She asked, trying to bribe him. Ethan rolled his eyes, nodding. Sienna clapped, looking over at her cousin.

"Okay, jesus, ready for the questions?" Grayson asked, standing up from the couch. Violet stared up at him, and he pulled her dress over her knees.

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