Illusion or Reality

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" it's okay.  sssh..." Arjun hugged her and caressed her hair. He wanted to inhale her perfume. his grip was very strong . he still feared what  if Aaradhika ran again. He felt that she was trembling. 

" what happened? are you ill?" he asked holding her face between his hands. her tears never stopped flowing. he wiped them . And kissed her. The warmth, the love he missed all of these. Aaradhika remained still. She knew he would  slap her anytime. but no, instead he gave her some water.

" we should go home now. i really missed you. " Arjun started the car and Aaradhika even didn't dare to look out of the window. how stupid of her to think that she can escape from him. 

Aaradhika dozed off to sleep. Arjun saw her reflection in the mirror. She was sleeping silently. It's not like that he has forgiven her. but now is not the right time. Let her feel sorry. After all how can she think of running away from him. Now again his demons were active. when she was not there , he was able to control his anger because he missed her more than other feeling. but now when was in front of him he wanted her to punish and to teach her how to behave. 

She is just an ungrateful wife! Arjun . his mind yelled at him.

but he controlled him. He has to. Otherwise how would they are going to have a family together. his lips curled in a smile at the thought of a child with Aaradhika.

Aaradhika woke up when she felt that was being lifted by someone. She was in Arjun's arms.  she hid herself in his embrace to hide from him. There was no one except him to love her or to kill her.

Arjun made her sleep on the couch. she didn't open her eyes. the sound of his footsteps going away made her relax for a bit. she opened her eyes and saw the same house in which she was captured. but something was off about the place. yes, the light. it is not dark anymore. she peeped towards the drawing room to see that the windows are  not having any bars. Even the main door is open.

" You like that?" Arjun's voice made her jump from her spot. she looked at him . he was carring toast and juice.

" how are you feeling now? i think you got some fever. the doctor will be here anytime. " he put the tray on the table and gave her juice.

" mom and papa called. they are happy you are alive. " she looked up at him. she have to deal with everyone asking questions about her missing phase.

" don't worry, you don't have to say anything to anyone. i have already made a story of being in coma for a month . and all.  you just say that you don't remember anything."  Aaradhika nodded. Arjun was so happy that finally his wife responded. 

" come, take rest. i am going to arrange for everyone." he said. but still could see fear on Aaradhika's face.

" you don't have to be afraid of anyone in this world, as long as i am with you." he held her hand and took her upstairs.

obviously , she don't have to worry about anything, if Arjun is with her. her brain stops working. she can't defened nor bear this. she slept trying to forget the dream of living independently and working with Mrs tyagi.

why  did she even meet her? when she knows her only world is Arjun and his rules.  

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