no wifey, I'm sorry

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Authors pov

Another boring day at home, zayn was tired of playing video games, drawing, he was supposed to clean the house a little, but he was tired, like he wanted to do something fun, a little excitement! But no! he was stuck home until Harry comes back from work, he picked his phone up, scrolling through his social media was his last option, Instagram, boring, twitter, dramatic, next? YouTube.

He didn't even know what he was looking for, he just clicked on one of the videos that popped up, there was an ad, a very interesting one that made something blow up in his mind, he had a very good idea to spend his time till harry arrives.

Running upstairs to their room, zayn opened his closet, looking for that special box.

"ugh, where the fuck are you!" he was making a mess with clothes in that closet, he hid that box somewhere safe, making sure harry can't find it, "this thing wasn't this deep!" after some more time searching "fuckin-finally!" He sat on the king-size bed, putting the box on his lap, taking the led off, he found his precious makeup ingredients, he started buying them a couple of months ago, when he used his sister's lipstick once when she said he looked too pale, he loved it, he wanted to feel pretty, not just hot, so little by little he bought makeup stuff, now he had everything you could imagine, he loved eyeliners the most though, sometimes he uses them harry doesn't notice it, or maybe that's what zayn thinks.

He sat in front of the mirror, first brushing his long hair, for a split second he thought about cutting his hair, but then he remembered how harry loves to play with them, or braid them when they are watching movies, he looked at his box, he didn't know where to start, it was his first time, he used different tones of creams on his skin till he got it right, he sat there lost in his little world, enjoying his time too much that he forgot that harry might arrive any second, he was adding the last touch to his makeup, the blood-red lipstick, the problems here? 1) it was 24 hours lipstick 2) harry arrived.

Zayn heard the jingles of Harry's keys, he panicked, there he was with full-blown makeup on his face, makeup stuff everywhere, and harry 30 seconds away from finding out.

on one hand he wanted to jump in front of harry and kinda come out, and on the other hand, he wanted to run away, his mind said to hide his heart said show harry, so...he listened to his mind, he put everything back in the box, he wouldn't make it to the closet so he hid it under the bed, and ran to the bathroom, locking the door.

Harry opened the front door, expecting to see zayn sprawled over the couch watching tv, but the house was quiet and zayn was nowhere to be seen, he was 100 percent sure that Zayn wasn't in the kitchen but he looked anyway, "zaynie?" harry called but he didn't get any response, he made his way upstairs calling his lovers name, when he opened the bedroom door he didn't see anyone there but he could smell the weird chemical, then he heard the water running in the bathroom.

"Bambi? You there?" he called knocking on the door, trying to open the door, but it was locked.

"hey! No locked doors in the house!"

"I'll be out in a second!"

"open the door now!"

"Harry I'm washing myself!" harry tried to open the door again, but his eyes caught something in the bin that made him back off.

There in the bin was a tissue, not a normal one, it was covered in something brownish, he looked closer and there it was, he knew this stuff too well, it was definitely makeup, he looked around the room, something wasn't right, the bed was completely made but the end of the duvet on the bed was messy, he decided to look under the bed.

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