"the rain woman"

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summery: the rain woman meets the sun woman once again

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summery: the rain woman meets the sun woman once again.
phantom!juvia x fem!friend!reader


Phantom Lord attacked and I decided to put myself on duty to protect Lucy. She had been hurt enough and I wasn't about to let her go alone.

We were around halfway down an ally when a waterfall of rain appeared from no where. I tensed, knowing the reason behind it.

"Drip, drip, drop" An ominous voice reached our ears. Lucy froze up as she heard her voice. I know this woman. And she knows me.

"Get behind me Lucy!" I command. Lucy does as I order. I can see her fiddle with her keys out of nerves and I understand. The rain woman is to not be underestimated. She is a powerful foe.

Her ensemble hadn't changed since I seen her many months ago. However, she sported a new hairdo. Her hair was now curled inwards into curls which was different from the bob she wore last time.

"Juvia, we meet again" I spoke stoically. I cannot let Lucy know that I know this woman's strength. And how I fear her. I know I've grown impressively but I do not know about Juvia.

She is a wildcard of sorts.

The rain followed her of course. A curse of sorts.

I fall down the same path. Our powers clash however, so the sun falls on me and Lucy, and the rain stays with Juvia.

"(Y/n) my darling, how good to see you" Juvia smiles beneath her umbrella, a menacing shadow falling over her.

I clench my hands as I feel my magic power surge with urgency.

I purse my lips into a line "Although I wish to catch up with you Juvia, we are enemies and I will not let you touch Lucy" I watch as Juvia drops her umbrella, a blank look clasping over her eyes.

"Oh" She looked towards the ground "Juvia will have to take you too" She speaks to herself. I gasp as a sudden bubble of water raises from the ground and encases both Lucy and I.

Lucy screams in pain as Juvia's water painfully takes her oxygen away.

My eyes widen as I notice my water was different from Lucy's.

Although the water distorts my vision I can still see the remorseful look on Juvia's face.


My vision comes back to me gradually and my body feels so heavy. I gasp as my senses come back to me. Her water didn't turn to steam even when I tried to activate my powers. It remained liquified.

I sigh, embracing the sun rays that shine down on me. Luckily, the day Phantom attacked it was sunny. I was at my full power.

"You're awake" Juvia spoke from far away. I quickly sat up, spotting her standing in a dark corner. Only now do I notice that we're on a roof.

"What did you do with Lucy!?" I yelled as I stood up. My fists became encased by a ball of white light.

"I don't want to hurt you" Juvia discarded her umbrella and walked over towards me. I blasted a warning shot at the ground, telling her to not come closer.

She stood back "Whu are you treating me this way?" Juvia asked sadly, clouds forming around her as she became upset.

I groaned "You know why Juvia" I stood back "We cannot be friends while you are my enemy"

Juvia looked down "I was ordered to capture both you and Lucy" Juvia explained "But I wish to not hurt you, and I will refrain from hurting Lucy if it makes you happy"

Although her proposition is quite interesting I kept quiet.

In those few moments I took the time to think over everyone I had been through with Juvia.

A young Juvia ran from the village, her friend on her tail.

"Leave me alone (y/n)!" Juvia wailed as she ran got from the occupied village. I stayed quiet, knowing where she was going anyway.

She quickly stopped at our secret hideout.

"You're not a freak, Juvie" I reassured the sad girl.

"You only say that because you cannot be affected by my rain" It was true. Our elements had never been exposed to each other. Juvia could only see clear skies in pictures. I could only see her rain, but not feel it.

"As long as there is rain, I'll know where you are" I spoke to Juvia who looked puzzled.

"I looked for you for years after your disappearance, I asked people where they had last seen rain and every where I went you weren't there" Juvia's eyes widened.

"(Y/n)-san.." Juvia whispered.

I held back my tears "But once I found out you joined Phantom Lord, I had to break myself from the silly lie I told myself" My eyes watered.

Juvia stood still. Listening.

"I'm sorry Juvia, but we can never be friends as long as you are my enemy" I charged a bolt of light as Juvia who reacted quickly as turned her body to water.

Juvia stood shell shocked.

"Why (Y/n)-san!?" She wailed as she threw her powerful attacks at me. I grunted as she threw me back into the building.

She threw countless attacks which I countered with sun beams that effectively turned her attacks to steam. She stopped and stared in amazement.

"No one has ever been able to counter one of my attacks.." She marvelled to herself. I took the chance to fire a shot at her which she didn't have time to defend herself.

"Stella Ray!" I shouted as a blast of yellow and white orbs flew out and encased Juvia's body. It is a spell that traps those intended inside for a period of time.

I sighed, knowing that it wouldn't be long before Juvia got out again. But it would be enough until Erza and Natsu defeated Black Steel Gajeel.

"Juvia.. I'll wait for you"

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