We don't need reason

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Alex stared blankly at the letter in front of her. She didn't expect this. Be it a bouquet of flower or a whole flower shop shoved into her room, Alex wouldn't be surprised since, to her dislike (okay, maybe she does like it a little), she has two women seeking for her attention... BUT... Receiving a formal invitation to her ex-boyfriend's birthday ball is not something she would have expected.

Rolling her eyes at the confusion on her sister's face, Kara flicks her fingers in front of the brunette maid.

"Hmm?", is the only reply she got from the Alex. Clearly the blonde's effort to get Alex's attention isn't working.

Sighing in a very dramatic way, " Just go. I know you missed him.", said Kara.

Alex knew she could just pretend like she didn't hear what her sister just said but when it involved Maxwell, the brunette needs to think carefully.

You will regret leaving me, Alex, Maxwell's words in their last meeting echo in her head. Max isn't a bad person, knowing him since they were small, Alex is very sure of that. The rage she saw in his eyes at that moment tho are telling her otherwise.

Right now, the brunette is not that sure whether she should be around him or not.

"I won't go.", she finally makes up her answer.

"But why?"

"Because I'm just a maid, I don't deserve to attend such a fancy ball."

"Alex, you have been to those fancy ball a million times. You always tag along with mom to that kind of event while dad taught me some sword skills.", Kara said in a 'matter of fact' tone to her sister.

The brunette maid flicked a little at the mention of her adoptive parents. Kara tried hard to ignore it but she just can't take it anymore. She can't stand watching her adoptive sister torturing herself over something that wasn't even her fault.

"How many time do I have to tell you it is not your fault, Alex? It was an accident, we had the best captain sailing the ship. Nobody could ever expect it to happen!"

"I know, Kara! I know... I know it too well... But I can't help but wonder if it wasn't because of me, they wouldn't even sail the ship. If I wasn't that selfish... They would be here with us. You wouldn't have to be The Phantom."

This time Kara snorted. That could be true but then, if she wasn't The Phantom would she even met with Lena?

"Look, you were a child, just like me. You were sick, they asked what you want-", before the blonde could finish her words, Alex immediately stand up.

"I'm sorry, I have to go. I still have many chores to do."

Once again, Kara sigh in disappointment.


The brunette maid dashes out of the room, leaving Kara alone.
Leaning her back against her chair, the blonde closed her eyes.

When she can see a small movement behind the curtain, the corner of her lips curls up a little.

"You can come out now.", said the blonde.

Looking a little guilty, Lena appears from the thick curtain. Her clothes are... Umm. A little less than decent. They were about to do it on Kara's desk when Alex suddenly knock on the door.

It was just her reflex but Lena immediately hide behind the curtain while her wife went to open the door of her office.

"So... I know I don't have the right to know but what happened to your parents?", the brunette asked in curiosity.

Kara clicked her tongue a few times.

"Lena, you have all the right in this world to know. Remember, what's mine is yours.", the blonde reminds her wife once again.

No matter how many times the blonde reminds her, Lens just simply haven't fully accepted the fact that she is receiving the equality every woman had wanted in their marriage.

It is just something so... Rare.

When the brunette didn't reply, Kara sigh again. Just how many times has the blonde sigh today?

"Alex was suffering from a fever for almost 3 weeks. It was concerning. My parents asked her what could they get her so she would feel a little better. She told them she wanted the silk dress she saw at our trading company. That was the first time Alex had ever ask for something since she was adopted."

Kara stopped so she could turn to look at her wife. She has a very soft expression on her face. The blonde pat her thighs, signalling her wife to sit on her thighs. There wasn't any word exchanged. Lena merely wrapped her arms around the blonde's neck before she comfortably sits on Kara's thighs.

The two exchange a smile.

"My parents were so eager to get the dress for Alex. Too bad tho the dress was out of stock at our store in the city. The only store that has the dress is 7 hours away by ship from the capital so my parents and their sailing crews went for the sail. Long story short, there was a storm. My parents' ship sank. No one was saved.", Kara paused once again.

She hugs her wife gently. Probably trying to find comfort in the presence of her wife.

"Alex was still having her fever when she received the news. The first time she has asked for something and... Well, she blames herself for our parents' death. Ignoring her part of the inheritance. Alex decided to serve our family as a maid."

Lena didn't comment anything. She couldn't bring herself to say 'I'm sorry for your loss' or anything. The brunette hugs her wife a little tighter than intended.

Kara didn't say a word.

She just held the brunette close to herself.

Both of them ignore the tears streaming down Kara's face. They ignore the light sob from the blonde.

No words were said, no words we're needed. All they need is just each other. To be there for each other.


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