The Misty Forest.

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It was 6:00 in the morning. All i could hear was my mother yelling out "Good-bye". I rushed down stairs, soon too see my father, in the car leaving. I ask mother where he was going, " His going down too the Forest, there's been an accident and he needs too investigate it. He'll be gone for a few days. He said too tell you, that he loves you and good-bye."

My father is a police man, if you haven't noticed. He goes around investigating peoples deaths. "mum, my friends told me the forest is dangerous and there's animals in there. They say they heard a story about a man that went in the forest, in the misty part of the forest, there were wild animals, that are extremely dangerous. When people go in there, they always get there bodies carried out." I said, worrying about dad. "Don't be silly, your dad will be perfectly fine. And there is also other people with him, so he'll be alright. " My mother said, looking down at her fingers, seeming worried, more worried then ever.

The day went by, and soon it was night. I looked out my window, and the view was the forest. It was far away from were I was. All I could think about was dad, what if something happened too him, and he will never come back!

On my way too school, my mother gave me a hug and held me tight, " I love you, my beautiful daughter. " she said with tears in her eyes. I looked behind her, all I could see was a suit case. She quickly pushed me out the door, and made sure I kept on walking.

School was like any other day. But all I had on my mind was my mother, and what was she doing with the suit case?

The school bell rang for home. I stepped onto the bus,  the noise of all the kids screaming and talking, the sound of the money in the tin, scattering. I couldn't think straight. As the bus stopped, I walked down the stairs, as i was walking down, the bus driver looked at the forest, and then looked at me in this, crazy look. Holding his cigarette in his mouth, he turned his hat around the right way and sat up straight. 

I got off, and then stared at him as he closed the doors, wondering if he knew something about were my dad was.

Walking through the door of my house, thinking if mother was still there. I open the door, no sound. I yell "mother! im home!" .  Walking around the house, no sign of her. I run upstairs too my bedroom, with tears in my eyes, knowing mother has left. As I enter my room, I head straight too my bed, relising there is a note. I open it, "Ouch! paper cut. ". My eyes wander down the page, reading it was heart breaking.

"Too my dear daughter, Lucy.

I've gone too help your father in the forest, somethings happened too him. I dont know what, but I think it might be bad. I'll be gone for a couple of days, less then a week. I know you can take care of yourself. If anyone ask's where I have gone, tell them that I have business too deal with, and I'll contact them when I get back. I'm sorry I have too leave you, writing this letter feels terrible and I am nearly crying. Please don't worry about me, I'll be back soon. I love you.

- Love your mother. "

As I put the letter back in the envelope, I lay on my bed and forget everything and I close my eyes.


A week and a half has gone by, im starting too think something has happened. If there trapped in the forest with no way out. I had two options, to stay and wait for them too contact me, and come back. Or too pack my bag, and go down too the Forest.

It takes me an hour too make my choice up, I packed my bag and looked and the bus time table. 5:36 in the morning, tomorrow.

I pack all my stuff, inculding a compass just in case, and a map of the forest also some food, and a sleeping bag.

I layed on my bed, with my alarm set. I slowly shut my eyes, knowing I'll see my parents again soon. " I Love You Forever, My Beautiful Daughter."  mums words go through my head, and I fall asleep.


" Lucy! Your finally here! Myself and your father have missed you dearly. " "Mum, Dad! Were have you been! "  " We've been here Lucy, we never left? We were waiting for you too come home from your little holiday. " " What? You were in the Forest though? " "No we werent Lucy. Stop being silly. "

~ Beep, beep, beep, beep! ~

I open my eyes, too realise it was only just a dream.

I get out of bed, and quickly get changed. Walking down the stairs, I could hear the bus stopping. I run. The doors of the bus open, that man was there. He gave me that crazy look, I could see it in his eyes. I look down at all the seats, noone was in them. The bus was completely empty.

"Were do ya wanna go, kid?! " he mutted.

"The forest, please."

As I sit down, he looks back at me, and then starts driving.

Hours have past, the bus suddenly stops. I walk too the bus door, it opens. Stepping down the bus steps, I get a shiver down my spin as I look into the forest, seeing the mist is the scariest part. I know something bad and horrible is in the forest, and im going too find it.

I was on the path, of heading into the forest, taking my first step was a step too finding my parents. I take another, and another. I hear noises, the trees are sweeshing, and I can also hear wolves and other animals. I look up, branches fill the sky, i can not see a thing when i look up. I then look behind me, I cant see the path I have taken, its covered with mist.


To Be Continued..

sorry if it isnt that good, im only 13. :)

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