Darren Huston, The Leader In Travel Service Market

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President and CEO Darren Huston, one of the world's leading group of online travel brands, The Priceline Group.

After making ripples in the travel services sector with the acquisition of Buuteeq, a digital marketing platform for hotels worldwide, Huston went a step further sealing the deal to also add OpenTable to the group's list of subsidiaries in a deal worth $2.6 billion last month.

Darren Huston has been a leader in the travel services market since joining The Priceline Group in 2011. Previously he spent 7+ years at Microsoft in various positions, namely President and CEO of the companies operations in Japan.

He has also been Senior Vice President at Starbucks where he headed up their product development in the late 1990s. A lot of experience to share when he comes to Dublin in November.

Visit : https://videos.websummit.net/speakers/Darren_Huston.html

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