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"Deep in the dark, I don't need the light. There's a ghost inside me"
- Alan Walker


The members got in the car after getting something to drink. On the way to the airport, most of the members were either sleeping, chatting quietly or doing stuff on their phone. The youngest member couldn't get the name Alan Walker out of his head, the name had been stuck inside his mind for the past hour. He tried to remember where he had heard the name before, he takes out his phone from his pocket in his jacket and with a soft voice he asks Namjoon: "Hyung, how do you spell the DJ's name?" 

Namjoon was reading a book before Jeogguk asked him the question. He looks up from his book and spells out the letters of the name. "Why do you ask Jeongguk?" The older asks looking at Jeongguk like he could sense that something was bothering the younger.

"I just wanted to check out what kind of work he does" The youngest says and smiles to the leader. "...Hmm okay, have fun the songs are good" The leader turns back to the way he sat before talking to Jeongguk.

Jeongguk took out his headphone and press shuffle on Alan Walkers music profile, on Spotify. He looks outside the window of the car, not realising that he has been daydreaming for half an hour.  Yoongi brings him out the daydream and tells him: "We are here remember all of your things. And stay close to the bodyguards" Yoongi talks out of the car and behind follows Jeongguk who is still listening to Alan Walker. 

Walking between all the fans he can hear through the headphones: "JEONGGUK-OPPA!" "I LOVE YOU V!!" "JIN, NOTICE ME!" It just keeps on and on. He turns his music up, even more, to block out all the screaming from the fans... 

The song stops for a short moment and then a new song starts "I see those tears in your eyes, I feel so helpless inside" He can't help but stop up and widening his eyes. His head is slowly bowing down to the ground, and slowly tears are forming in his tired eyes...
"Oh, love, there's no need to hide, just let me love you when your heart is tired" And that, made him let the tears go, a few tears were falling slowly. 

His face didn't start to wrinkle, his face is just stone with wide eyes and tears falling down onto the white floor...

He just wants to run away and fall into the unknown persons' arms, thanking him for understanding somehow. Even tho the person might not know him and his problems... He is just so thankful, all because of a song... 


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