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Shiv-come wifey let's go
  Shivay held Anika hand and started to move towards entrance. Anika stare shivay without blinking her eyes.

  Wifey I feel very shy when you look me like this.

Anika come out from her Dreamland.

Ani-no I'm not starting you.

Shiv-😳 then?

Ani-bus is arrived come.
Shivika run towards bus.

Shiv-vow wify this bus was  bigger than my bus

Ani-😒it's was real bus shivay

  Shivika enjoyed bus travel .

Finally both landed on xyz restaurant.

In entance an clown was standing holding balloons.
All children form near the clown .
Shivay also run to the place.

He mingle in the kids group. He started to dance with kids.
Anika took her mobile and record the scenery.

Clown distribute all balloons to kids. Shivay feel disappointed because clown did not give balloon to him.
He started to cry😭😭😭.

Anika try to pacify him but he did not listen to her voice.

Kid-uncle don't cry keep mine's
He forward his balloon to shivay.
Shivay accept it and started to jumping on happiness.

Ani-shivay return balloon to that boy.

Shivay hide the ballon behind and nodes negatively.

Kid-its ok aunty. I have another balloon with me.

Ani-aww cutie boy thank you.
Anika kiss on boy cheecks.

Shivay also forward  his cheecks to Anika .
Instead of kiss Anika slap him slightly.

Shiv-😩  bad wifey.

Baby what your name?

Kid-my name is shiv.

Shiv-My name is shivay😄.


   To continue.....

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