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Shiv-🥳🥳🥳 yey

Ani-ok come.
Anika drag shivay from the room who was dancing on anika's complement.

Pin-oh my matha !!!
Mummy ji  come fast, this lady is kidnapping my son.
Wait I call police .
Pinky started to call police suddenly one pair of hand grab mobile phone from pinky hand broke it into millions of pieces .
It was non other than shivay .

Pinky raise her hand to slap shivay but Anika held pinky hand.

Shivay scares and hide behind Anika

Ani-how dare you to raise hand on my husband.

All family members came hearing Anika sound.

Dad-whats is happening here?

Pin-mummy just this lady is trying to slap me.

Ani-😕 when I do like that?

Pin-see she was holding my hand too

Anika immedietly free her hand .

Pin-i tell you that day na don't marry this girl to my son but no one hear my voice now see what's she doing, she trying to kindnap my son.

Ani-why I'm going to kidnap my own husband.

Pin-drama baaz. I know you very well so stop your drama.
I did not see any shameless creature like you after getting these type of insult you was staying in this house. If I was in your place,I hang myself .

Anika eyes got teary hearing pinky voice.

Why you always shout my wife see because of you she was crying.
Shivay slowly wipes Anika tears.
   You did not look good in cry baby face wifey so smile.

But Anika face was emotionless.

Shiv-fat aunty say sorry to wifey

Pin-it was impossible

Shiv-you was also impossible fat aunty. I hate you. You always make my wifey cry bad aunty.
Come wifey let's go.


Shiv-😡  i did not talk to you untill you say sorry to my wifey.

Pinky left the place.

Shivay try his level best to make Anika laugh but it was in vain.

Shiv-dadi see wifey was not smiling.

Dak-anika puttar
Don't take serious pinky words .



Shivay started to tickle Anika.

Ani-shiv no shivay 🤣🤣🤣 Anika started to laugh whole heartly.....

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