Iwaizumi x reader

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Iwaizumi , your childhood friend, had recently fallen in love with you. Little did he know that you had fallen for him. He wanted to have a bright future with you.

But everything was ruined.

He was forced to get engage with another woman that he hated. He is from a rich family and his parents made a promise to the other company to let Iwaizumi marry their daughter. Of course, if those 2 companies were working together, it will be a large success.

You knew about this problem, you knew he was forced and you were heart-broken and kept it to yourself. You were too scared to confess because you didn't even know he like you or not.

So, on Friday, he invited you to watch an action movie the next day. Of course, you agreed.

But, little did Iwaizumi know, that his father treathened you. He said that the next day would be the last day you would meet him or he would do something really bad to the people you love the most.

You sat down at your room crying, didn't know what to do. You wanted to fight back but you just don't have the power to.

You didn't want this to happen. You didn't want to be seperated from Iwaizumi. But for the people you love, hell nah. You won't let him hurt them.


You waited at the lobby of the mall where Iwaizumi asked you to meet up. You wore a light blue t-shirt and a pair of leggings.

You arrived first and waited only for a few minutes.

Then,he waved at you and called you, "(y/n)!"

You looked at him and waved back. The both of you walked to the cinema together and he bought 2 tickets, popcorns and drinks for the both of you.

The both of you enjoyed the movies together. You and him, like a couple. A cute one.

In the middle of the movie Iwaizumi decided to do something. Confess to you. This is the chance to say it.

He gazed at you and called you,


"I-I have feelings for you. I grew feelings for you ever since we were kids. I told my dad I will marry you. I'm sorry they didn't agree. But I will try as hard as I-"

"Are you crazy?" you cut him off, "Listen. I like you too. But I dont think you should say this when you are engaged."

"I'll do whatever for us to be together! Please give me a chance!"

"Stop. Did you know what happened? Today is actually the last day of me meeting you. Your father threatened me to stay away from you or he will hurt the people I love. Im sorry. But I cant."

You felt sadness. You cried.
Iwaizumi widened his eyes with full of surprised. He started to form tears on his eyes too.

"why didnt you tell me!"

You didn't answer him. You were too tired of this drama so you immediately took off and left Iwaizumi in the cinema.

You thought Iwaizumi would chase you. But he didn't. You were stressed about this.

Why islove so complicated?
Why loving him was so hard?

The next day...

You were working part time at a cafe and today the cafe wasn't crowded.
Guess today you won't be too busy.

"(Y/n)-san, you have a guest outside. I'll cover for you," your workmate said.
"Ok, arigato."

You ran outside to see who was your guest.
The both of you gazed at each other for a while.
"Go home, I can't meet you anymore."
You walked back to the cafe with a sad expression. You felt like crying.

Suddenly, Iwaizumi grabbed your arm.
"I know you miss me!" He said.
You blushed and you didn't want to admit it.
He frowned and kissed your lips.
"You lie again, I will kiss you."
"No, I'm not!"
He then kissed you again for the second time.
"Don't lie."
You couldn't stand all of this. You finally cried and hugged him.
"Why is this so complicated?!"
You cried.
"I know it's hard, but let's fight together, until the end."

A few months later...

Iwaizumi's father broke off the engagement because of some betrayal from the other company.
Finally, Iwaizumi's parents approved you getting engaged with Iwaizumi.
They liked you in the end.
They were wrong about you.
They judged you too quickly.

Both you and Iwaizumi were delighted.
"I'm glad to have you in my life. I love you."
"I love you too."


Ok, so idk if this chapter is nice or not. It's a bit cringey in my opinion lol. But I hope you liked it.

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