Chapter 1

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When I woke up the moon was out and my window was wide open. I blinked my eyes sleepily and grabbed my stuffed teddy bear Roo from off of the pillow beside me.

"Lets go downstairs." I mumbled sleepily as I slid off of the bed and stumbled across the room to close my window. I walked out of the room with Roo in my arms and into the dark hall. When I heard a noise behind me I quickly ran down the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Did you hear that Roo?" I gasped quietly as I looked behind me only to see that no one was there. "Monsters." I squeaked and shook my head at the thought. I sighed and opened the kitchen cabinet to look for a snack. When I found some cute cracker puffs I giggled and grabbed it. "These are so good." I whispered to Roo and closed the cabinet. I turned around and quietly looked around to see if anyone was downstairs and I smiled when I saw that no one was. I sat down on the kitchen floor and opened the small container and reached inside only to have the container snatched away.

"Wha ... Heyy!" I whined when I looked up to see my foster brother Jacob glaring down at me.

"What the fuck did mom tell you about eating the babies food." He snapped and grabbed me by my arm.

"W-where we goin' Jakey?" I stuttered in fear as he dragged me up the stairs. I tried to grab onto the rail but he was stronger than me.

"We're going to tell mom and dad that your a fucking weirdo and that you keep eating shelly's food." Jacob smiled mischievously and I tugged on his shirt with my other hand.

"Nooo don't ! they will make me go bye bye." I pleaded and Jacob frowned and pulled my hand away from him. "That's the point June. Are you really that stupid?" I he scoffed and I didn't have time to reply because he was already knocking loudly on our foster parents door.


"Stop fucking calling me that." He snapped and pushed me away "Like seriously chill." He gave me a look of disgust and stepped away from me when the door swung open.

"Jacob?Can't this wait until tommorow?" Mrs. Lane squinted her eyes at us and ran her hand through her long black hair. "It's late kids."

"No it can't wait June is eating the Baby's food again and she's still talking like a baby." Jacob glared at the side of my face as he spoke.

"Jacob lower your voice." Mrs.Lane frowned and rubbed her temples.

"But you said the next time she did something weird like that you would have to send her away." He argued and soon Mr. Lane appeared in the doorway as well with a tired look on his face.

"Alright what's going on?" He spoke soundibg slightly irritates and I took a shaky step back.

"Nothing honey they were just going to bed." Mrs. Lane gave Jacob a look but he ignored it.

"I was telling Mom how it was embarrassing to have to claim June as a sister. She keeps acting like a baby and eating shelly's food. Not to mention when my friends come over she's all weird and they think that something is wrong with her." Jacob snapped and I felt like dirt.

"Its embarrasing."

"Your right we're sending her away." Mr. Lane said not missing a beat and my heart dropped.

"W-where am I gonna go?" I sniffed trying to stop my voice from trembling. "I ... I'll be better I pwomise!" I sobbed and Mrs. Lane simply gave me a sad look but didn't say anything.

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