Chapter Nine

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The room went silent. The only thing you could hear was the slight chatter coming from the hallway.

I looked at her, waiting for her to do something else. She just stood straight and crossed her arms, staring at me.
"You can escort yourself out." I said, sitting back.
"It's was nice meeting you again." She said with a very sarcastic smile.
"Fuck you and don't ever come back to see me, Skylar, or our dad." I said, firmly gripping onto Zion's hand.

She strode out of the room, a sly smirk toying upon her lips. Her kids and her husband followed suit, leaving Zion, my dad, and I alone in the room once again.
"Dad, can Zion and I have some alone time, please?" I asked. He quickly raised his hand and walked out of the room, signaling us to have our time.

"Zion, I'm so sorry about her. I-I haven't seen her in years. I wasn't gonna let her attack you like that." I said, letting out a sigh.
"It's fine, babe. You didn't have to." He said, kissing my lips gently. I smiled into the kiss. My stomach fluttered. It reminded me of the first time I met him. I was all flustered and I couldn't stop blushing, couldn't stop thinking about his smile and his dimples.

𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕹𝖊𝖝𝖙 𝕯𝖆𝖞
I woke up to the sun peaking through the blinds. I stretched my arms high, looking around the room. Sadly, Zion had to return to the precinct, leaving me alone with my dad. They disconnected all of the wires from my body, allowing me to get up and walk. I noticed that my dad was shivering in front of my bed, sleeping on the hard wooden chair.

I found a spare blanket in the room, using it to cover my dad and I. I rubbed his back gently as I rested my head on his shoulder. My eyes slowly closed as I took in this moment. It's been a long time since I've been able to just relax with my dad. I don't care if he's sleeping, I'm with him. It sucks that he has to carry around an oxygen tank, but his transplant in a couple of days and hopefully he'll be back on his grind.

I looked around the room, my eyes landing on my phone. I quickly grabbed it before going back to sit with my dad. I went through a few messages.
Sky 🥰
Hey sis! Sorry I couldn't see you, if I have time, I'll stop by later

I dismissed the message from Skylar, turning my phone off and resuming to hugging my dad.

It was now 5 in the afternoon. I was informed that I'd be released at eight o'clock tonight. I began to gather my clothes, slowly pulling on Zion's hoodie so that I didn't hurt myself. I slid my jeans on, then my socks. I pulled my shoes on and I grabbed my phone. It was only 7:30, I decided to leave a few minutes earlier. My dad had begun his drive to work about an hour ago so I was alone for the past hour and a half. I got an Uber to my house, taking a warm shower once I got there.

I replaced the bandages with new ones, sliding the sweatshirt on and making sure it didn't touch my skin. I pulled my shorts on, grabbing my shoes and my car keys.

"Sky, I'm going to Starbucks! Do you want anything?" I asked, halfway down the stairs.
"No, I'm fine!" She responded. I got into my car, driving to Starbucks. I pulled into the parking lot and I entered the huge coffee shop.

As I was ordering my drink, I felt a pair of eyes burning into the back of my head. I turned around, looking at a boy who looked around my age, only a few years younger. I grabbed my drink once my name was called, and I was going to head back to my car.

As I was walking, I bumped into the boy, spilling my drink all over my sweatshirt. I gasped and my body tensed once I felt the liquid seeping through my sweatshirt, touching my skin.

"Oh shit, I'm so sorry." He said, rushing over to the counter to grab a few tissues. I laughed as he tried to clean my sweatshirt.
"It's fine, you don't have to wipe it." I said with a faint smile.
"I'll buy you another." He said as he continued to wipe my sweatshirt.

"It's fine, really." I said, tucking a piece of hair behind my ear. He held onto my hand, leading me to the register to order another drink for me.
"Thank you, although you didn't have to." I said, taking the drink from him.
"I wanted to. It's the least I could do-" He stopped, realizing that he'd never caught my name.

"Well Dani, it's the least I could do." He said with a smile, showing off his adorable dimples.
"What's your name?" I asked, running my fingers through my hair.


* * *

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