Ch. 11

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[ Lighting Tears ]

The next and final match of the day was Orga and War-cry from Quatro Puppy.

"Who do you think will win, Lector?" asked Frosch. A tick mark appeared on Lector's head as he turned to glare at his fellow exceed.

"What are you talking about, Frosch?! Obviously Orga is going to win!" he snapped.

"Let's cheer extra hard!" Frosch stated earning a loud chirp from Pabu.

Yukino walked closer to the balcony edge, confused on what Ogra's opponent's magic will be.

Kasai watched the two stare down as Rufus and Sting discussed the other mage's magic.

"Ne, Kasai what magic does War- Cry use?" pestered Yukino. Kasai smiled humorously as the boy began crying. "Just watch Yukino."

Orga stared at his opponent blankly.

"I use Tear Magic," he sobbed, "the more I cry the more powerful I get."

"What an idiot," Sting snorted, "doesn't he know that water conducts electricity?"

"Apparently not." Lector shrugged, watching Orga raise a tentative hand then strike him with such power that the whole arena trembled.

The Quatro Cerberus' jaws dropped in shock.

The Lighting God Slayer walked back to his team boredly.

"Ne, Orga," whined Sting. "Couldn't you have made the battle more interesting?"

The God Slayer paused, suddenly. Before he turned around and headed back to the arena.

"Alright, fine; I'll go sing a song-" The Sabertooth members groaned in sync.

At that Kasai was flashed to his side with such speed, grabbing him by his shoulders and steering him back to their group. "Actually Orga, let's not alright...? Thanks." Kasai said as he pushed Orga forcibly towards the balcony.

But somehow the Chapati overheard what we're saying as he suddenly shouted.

"And, representing Sabertooth our beloved Prince!!! Is going to sing us a song!!!"

And before he knew what was happening, Kasai was standing alone in the middle of the arena with a microphone in his hands.

Coughing awkwardly, Kasai sent a glare up at Orga who rightfully hid behind the rest of his guildmates who's mouths were all gaping like a fish in shock.

His eyes found his former best friend, who smirked amusedly down at him looking ready to laugh his ass off.

Glaring up at his once friend he tried to calm his nerves, having never sang in front of people outside of Fairytail before Kasai cleared my thought and gave the audience one of his charming fanged smiles. (Which made many of the women blush along with some men)

"Hello, I'd like to dedicate this song to all of you!!" He shouted before taking a deep breath.

(The Score: Born For This)

"I'm checking my vital signs
Drawing my battle lines
Going to war again
Feeling the rhythm inside of my chest
All I need is just a pen

I know I was born for this
I know I was born for this

Don't care for the critics
My words are like physics
A force that they can't stop
They just don't get it, I think they forget
I'm not done till I'm on top

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