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* * *

He's like snow;

beautiful, but cold

* * *


Even with tears in his eyes, Sage Tremaine was okay.

Even when the world bore down on him, knocking him off his own feet, Sage was okay.

He never asked for anything, he didn't rely on anyone or trust, even after months of friendship and the grandiose title of a best friend.

Sage clearly thought Randall was an idiot.

It was so obvious, and frankly speaking, it frustrated the junior endlessly. It took every ounce of self-control for Randall to not act on his motto.

Hit first, ask questions later.

"R-Randall, are you listening to me?"

Randall glanced down at his best friend, who sat across from him on a bench in the courtyard. With a hoodie pulled over his head and dark bags under his eyes from assumable lack of sleep, Sage still managed to smile brightly once they locked eyes.

Sage sat back in his chair and pushed his curls away, going for his biology textbook. " You asked about m-mitosis, right? W-well, as I was saying, it—"

"Did you sleep well last night?"

Though he seemed caught off-guard by the question and being cut off, Sage still, yet again, smiled as brightly as he could. This time, he shook his head a little, though, signaling that his response was a no. "A-actually, I was up p-practicing for the agriculture quiz tomorrow, s-so went to sleep later than usual." he waved his hand in dismissal. "I'll d-definitely sleep better tonight. Don't worry about it."

He then lowered his eyes and bit his quivering lower lip.

He was lying.

"Sage, please. Just tell me what's wrong. You know it's okay." Randall pleaded with him, hating how his heart clenched painfully at the sight of Sage in any form of pain.

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