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Can you please me forgive me?
If I don't sound the same
If my mood starts to worsen
If I don't look like me

I'm starting to
Let things get to me
When people interrupt
Our company

I try not
To get jealous when
People speak to you
In ways you wouldn't speak to a friend

It's not my place
To even say these things
But it's better harder on me
With our limited amount of time

I don't have the right to jealous
I don't own a single part of you
It I can't help the way I feel
When people swarm around you

They're like vultures to a prey
Seems like they don't see me
Bugs the fuck out of me
When they interrupt moments that take an eternity to complete

I'm still getting used to
Controlling myself
Not getting caught up
In how hard people press

I don't blame them
But it doesn't help
That I want you to myself
I hate that I'm so selfish

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