A Talk With Sirzechs

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(This is basically an way that Mei can get out of the marriage but Rias cant)

(Y/n POV)

Y/n: Yo,Takahashi.

Takahashi: Yea bro.

Y/n: Can you call Sirzechs.

Takahashi: Why?

Y/n: I need to talk to him about the situation of the marriage.

Takahashi: Sure.

Sirzechs POV

*Ring Ring *

Sirzechs: Hello,Sirzechs speaking.

Y/n: Hey,long time no see.

(Sirzechs calls him Zair and he's like a younger brother Figure to him)

Sirzechs: Zair,What do you need?

Y/n: I need to talk to you about the marriage.

Sirzechs: What's happening?

Y/n: You know that your little sister has to Marry Riser Phoenix and she had went and made Mei Hatau apart of it.

(Sirzechs doesn't like how Rias gets everything she wants)

Y/n: And I want to have my own Rating Game for Mei because I think that Rias is planning something.

Sirzechs: Ok,I'll make arrangements for this.

Rias: Yes,my plan for Y/n to come back to us is working

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Rias: Yes,my plan for Y/n to come back to us is working.

-To be Continued-

(Just an short chapter about how the q Game is going to work and I am writing with my left hand because I broke my right wrist and my chapters will come out slowly so there's that and I now have a Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zRNP4vE

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