Chapter 57: Most Of Them

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'Guys, up ahead. I can make out a door.'

Before Elliot had spoken up, the only sound had been that of the six of them, wading through the ankle-level water, the only light coming from the occasional storm drain as they passed beneath the city streets.

It felt as though they'd been stuck down here for eons, but Ryn knew ten minutes couldn't have passed.

And they'd yet to find a single sign of where the scorpion had gone.

Until now...

Her eyes scanned ahead, to where the boy was pointing, but she only saw wall, concrete and water...

'I'm not seeing much in the way of a door.'

'Door, perhaps, was the wrong word. But... here,' he pressed his palms up against a section of wall as they approached it. 'There's something behind it. Some sort of branching tunnel, leading to a staircase. I can't see much past that, I'm sorry.'

'It's worth taking a look,' Colt nodded, grimly. 'If it's been hidden, then it's bound to lead somewhere we're not supposed to know about.'

'And hopefully that place belongs to the Silver Scorpion,' Elizabeth added. 'I'll take a quick peek.'

And with that, she ghosted through the wall.

Only thirty seconds passed before she reappeared, again.

'What'd you see?' Quentin questioned.

'Well it is a tunnel, and there is a staircase. It doesn't look particularly well-used, but there were definitely recent prints in the dust. I don't know how this wall opens but... Good thing we don't need it to, hey?'

She offered them all a knowing smirk, holding out both her hands.

Once the six of them had all linked up, Ryn felt a familiar pins-and-needles sensation boost through her body, and Elizabeth hauled them straight through the wall.

'Oh, that was so weird!' Quentin exclaimed in a whisper, shuddering lightly. 'I really didn't imagine it to feel like that!'

Elizabeth patted her shoulder with a smile. 'You get used to it.'

'When?' Elliot hissed back, shaking off what appeared to be a wave of nausea.

'Guys, keep it down,' Colt instructed with a quiet breath, staring ahead.

The tunnel seemed to be cut out of the very earth, with rock crumbling on the ground. Just as Elizabeth had said, the dirt at their feet was marred with recent footprints, with the distinct 'stab-wounds' of the scorpion's legs piercing the earth. A few meters in front of where they all stood, a wide metal staircase rose up into the darkness, where Ryn could vaguely make out another open tunnel.

'I don't know what the Scorpion has planned,' he continued, again, just loud enough for them all to make out the words. 'But it's likely to be a trap. So, proceed with caution, alright?'

When the rest of them nodded their understanding, he set off, treading carefully towards the stairs.

Ryn walked just behind him, keeping her sharp eyes trained on the darkness ahead, as they scaled each step.

This new tunnel looked to be comprised of polished concrete, chipped with age, but, just like the stairs, it was definitely more recent than the storm drains.

A part of her couldn't help but wonder just how long it's been since the Scorpion started this project of revenge. Making his army of robots, itself, must have taken over a decade, and it's only been eighteen years since the Scorp Tech accident...

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