Chapter 56: None Of Us Could Have Known

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She could hear sirens off in the distance, and she figured it was only a matter of minutes before the authorities arrived.

'Hello?!' she called out, finally unable to keep herself silent. If the Silver Scorpion was still present, then she was sure he would have made a move, by now. 'Is anyone here?!'


At first, she felt a flare of hope, until she realised it was Elizabeth's voice that had called out to her.

Darting back the way she came, she saw the woman stepping through the smoke from the street outside, with Quentin and Elliot in tow.

All three of them were wading cautiously forwards, with their jackets pulled up over their mouths, squinting into the dark haze.

While her eyesight allowed for some shred of visibility, she doubted the others had the same luxury. Except, perhaps, for Elliot...

'Over here,' she called back to them, beating her wings again, to cause a distinct stir in the ash.

'Wh... Where's Monster? And Wildflower? Weren't they with you?' Quentin asked, her voice muffled by the thick material of her school jacket.

'I was sent ahead, in hopes I could reach them all before...' She trailed off, glancing around, rather grimly, emotion choking her voice. 'But, I think I'm too late...'

Elliot was shaking his head. 'I can't see any other signals in the building. Do you know what happened here?'

'When I came, only about ten minutes ago, now, it was already empty. I've been searching for them, any signs of them, but I really don't think they're here...'

'If they're not here...' Elizabeth frowned. 'Then, where are they?'

'I... I found a damaged piece of scorpion. One of the smaller ones.' She led them towards the back of the room.

The air was clearer, here, now, with the wind from outside sucking the smoke out and sweeping it up into the atmosphere, and they released their clothing from around their faces.

Holding up the silver leg, the others all gathered around her.

'What does this mean?'

'I don't know... I can only guess that there was some sort of fight. I haven't found any other scorpions or... or Blanks, or...'

Or Legacies...

'You don't think...' Elliot paused, swallowing heavily, before continuing with a discernible tremor to his voice. 'You don't think that they... that... The Silver Scorpion... took them, do you?'

Ryn's blood went cold, just as Quentin let out a gasp, covering her mouth with both hands.

'Why would he...?' Elizabeth was frowning, but she trailed off when the Talkie strapped to her hip burst to life.

'Have you made it to the Library yet?' Colt asked, clearly referring to the group of three, because Aderyn had left without a device of her own.

'Yeah, we're here with Angel,' Elizabeth replied. 'Where are you two?'

'Coming around the corner, now. What's going on?'

'We... we don't know...'

There was a tense silence following that last remark.

'Does somebody want to explain?' Darcy's voice cut through the mix. 'I take one bathroom break, and suddenly it's as though I missed the start of the apocalypse.'

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