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"This is not the world we had in mind. But we got time"
- Alan Walker


It has been a rough week for the members, they have been on 24/7 for the past week. But it was soon time to leave for the next country. The members had packed their clothes and were ready to leave "Boys if you need a cup of something then please do it now before we leave. There is a cafe right down there. Remember don't go alone" The guy's nod and split up from 2 to 3 members. 

"Namjoon-hyung can you go with me to the cafe? I'm too scared to talk to people in English" His hyung smiles and leaves the hotel just to talk 5 minutes away and into a cafe. When they arrive at the cafe they see through the glass that there ain't many people inside which is just what they need. "Tell me what you want to drink, it is on me Jeongguk" Namjoon smiles at the younger "You choose hyung, just don't let it be coffee" They both laugh and Namjoon goes off to order something for him and the younger. 

Jeongguk sits down for a minute, in the background is there being played music, it is quiet but since the cafe is also quiet you are able to hear what song is being played. In the cafe, there is also a TV, just across from where Jeongguk is sitting. On the screen, there is being shown a clip from a concert, people in the clip is jumping and dancing to the music that is being played by somebody that you only can see the back of. After an effect of flicker on the video, a girl and a boy are sitting down on a sofa talking. 

With the amount of English Jeongguk knows he understands what the girl and the boy are talking about. He manages to understand this sentence "Before I listened to AK I was having trouble with myself. But it changed after my brother took me to an AK concert, and after that concert, my view on my life had changed, and I'm thankful for that or else I wouldn't be here" 

Jeongguk didn't understand who AK was. Was it a rapper or what? As Jeongguk was lost in his thoughts his hyung walked over to him with drinks in his hands. "Here-... Are you okay Jeongguk?" Jeongguk looks at his hyung and without thinking he says: "Who is AK, hyung?" 

Namjoon looks at the younger and smiles "AK, or Alan Walker he is a DJ" Jeongguk nods and starts to drink the banana drink that Namjoon bought for him. Jeongguk couldn't help but think about the name Alan Walker.

Why did the name Alan Walker remind him of something?... 


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