Chapter 12

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"Natasha? Brandon is not here. Go to your own house. I don't want his whore here in my house." I said to her angrily as soon as she walked into my kitchen unannounced.

"This is Brandon's house. So I come here whenever I want." She sniffs back at me and sits down at the kitchen table. She crosses her legs and stares at me. I wanted so badly to grab her by her hair and drag her out of the house, but I was too curious where she had the guts to come here.

" Speak Natasha. What do you want?" I asked kill. We aren't friends far from that. So I wanted her away as quickly as possible.

"I'm just as good as his wife. I want recognition. I want to stand by his side in public. You belong at home, as the good housewife you are." She said vainly.

I started to laugh, this was really pathetic.
"And why do you come to me? You have to know as the good housewife I have nothing to say." I said and walked over to her and sat opposite her at the kitchen table and leaned back in my chair. "If you are his wife, why are you bothering me?" I asked with a smile

"Lily you don't love him. I know he forced you in to this marriage. Make it easy on yourself. I love him with all my heart." She said seriously

Her words make me think. Do I love him? He is the father of my children and we are married. But was it love for me?
But beyond that, why should I let myself be humiliated more?

" You can forget about it. I'm his wife." I said and pointed my finger at myself. "You are his whore. Know your place." I said and then pointed my finger at her. "Be happy with what you have. A house, money, his cock once in a while." I said with a smirk. "Please only use your mouth to suck his cock. Go away." I said angry and pointed towards the exit.

She gets up from her chair so quickly that it falls to the floor with a slap.
"When I'm done with you, you will beg me for mercy." She shouted and walked away at a fast pace.

How did she get to my house? At all through the gate? Who let her in? Brandon must know she was here, certainly these kinds of things would tell his slave him right away . Fuck I'm being replaced. Am I getting too fat? He said yesterday how beautiful I looked pregnant. So he didn't mean a word of it, he just didn't want me to go whining. I walk to the freezer with tears in my eyes. Ice cream I need a caramel ice cream.

I search the freezer twice. All kinds of ice cream but no carmel. I let my tears run free. This was my breaking point. The end of the world was near.

"Baby, what's up?" Brandon asked who came in.

"No caramel ice cream." I cried like a child.

He came towards me and took me in his arms. "I kill the maid. Stop crying." He whispered in my ear.

"I need it now. My husband thinks I'm fat and doesn't want to be seen in public with me anymore." I cried and pressed my face into his chest.

"I make love with you every chance I get. I've been sleeping here every night lately, with your naked body in my arms. I often take you out. I show everyone my beautiful wife so that they can see I have planted my seed in you." He said frustrated.

"And yet You let your whore come here. I don't understand why you married me." I said angry.

He let go of me and look me straight in the eyes of angry. It frightened me that I had gone too far.

"Which? And in our house? This house? Where I live with my family?" He asked me while his angry gaze only got worse.

"Your favorite." I swallow slowly.

Why was he angry? He should have known this. He played the loving boyfriend. Took care of them. Eventually they wanted him to be more.

"You could have expected this, Casanova." I said

"You wanted to be my queen." He said and took my hand and led me outside to his car.

"Get in." He said

I sat down in the car reluctantly. He was up to something. But did I want to witness that?

"Brandon, I don't know what you want to do. But I don't feel like it. You and your cock are the problem here." I said irritated.

"Lily." He sighed

"What? You break their heart." I snarled at him.

"I never promised them love. Damn woman." He snarled. While he was aggressively driving faster.

"Well done. Now you are going to kill us too. Why do I have to come? For what?" I snarled.

"Lily I love things I can't do with you. What do you think their will get love from me? Damn it, damn it." He said aggressively.

"You have relationships with them. She loves you. You stayed with her for a week after you missed your anniversary. Apparently you care." I snarled, throwing my arms in the air in frustration.

"Do you think I was with her?" He asks me angrily and hit whit his hands on the steering wheel. "I was away for business. I don't care about that whore. Nothing at all. Wait till you see what I'm going to do with her." He laughed angrily.

"You don't have to hurt her for me. She gives you too much pleasure. What I can't give you." I muttered.

"When I'm done with her I'll take you home. I fuck you how I fuck them. Then see if you still like it." He said threateningly while parking the car.

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