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•Izuku Midoriya pov •
Upon entering the class with Todoroki, I see Kacchan sitting on his chair with his legs on the table. Crap Kacchan is going to be in my class that was my first though. "Oh your friend is also in our class Midoriya" Todoroki says as I sigh "..more like a childhood ex friend..he hates me now for some reason" I say and look away from Kacchan. "Oh..what was his name..uh Kacchan?" Todoroki says and I let out a full laughter hearing him say Kacchan with such a monotone expression and voice was so hilarious. "N-nO AHAha Todoroki his name is Bakugo Katsuki Ahaha" I continue  to laugh and Todoroki smiles "I see".

I turn my head to see This girl with brunette hair who was so absolutely Adorable looking at me and Todoroki. She gets  up from her chair and enthusiastically and walks up to us "Hi Guys! I Am Ochaco Uraraka! Nice to meet you guys and welcome  to U.A" She says and I smile "Hello I am Izuku Midoriya and This is-" "IZUKU YOUR BODY IS A BOMB HNN" Uraraka cuts me talking "H-HUH?" I say as she explains "Small Waist, Big Chest and a nice behind.. you are a package I should lose some weight to become  like you..You even got a hot guy as your boyfriend  fufu" she says pouting.

"Uraraka nono when I first saw you I truly thought about how damn adorable you are. And no I think you aren't  overweighted at all Infact I find you really beautiful and please don't  compare yourself with me Your body is really really beautiful too! And er no Todoroki isn't  my boyfriend..we just met on the bus today actually" I say and smile and give her a hug "Uraraka please don't  be insecure you are beautiful just the way you are I'm  sure some guys would definitely  like you!" I say as she tears up "OH MY GOD YOU ARE SO NICE, WHAT A LITERAL GODDESS" She says and hugs me back tightly as I chuckle.

Just as we were hugging a Boy with spicky red hair enters causing Uraraka to let go of me as we both turn to see who  it was "Hey Guys!" He was energetic  and seemed  very  nice and friendly. "Oh hey" I say and smile and "hii" Uraraka says and we all let out a  chuckle for no reason. It was as if we didn't  wanted any formalities between eachother.

I hadn't  noticed  but Todoroki had taken his seat and I put my bag next to Uraraka who was very pleased by my choice. Soon the whole class started to get filled up and our homeroom teacher Mister Aizawa came and started teaching us about his subject. I wasn't  gonna lie though it was the first day in U.A I could already tell that the subjects and study here was advance. No wonder  why U.A students get  into great colleges and get good jobs with ease.

The day continued and I made a couple of friends. Iida and Uraraka and Todoroki were the main ones but the whole class was friendly and though  it was new. I adjusted quickly.

First day at U.A was over. It was 5 in the evening now. I started to walk to the bus stop, I wish  Todoroki had come but his driver already came and he had to leave with him.

It was getting  darker as It was fall and getting colder. I walk to the bus stop, thinking about how I should've brought an overcoat. Yes I had a coat which was the part of the uniform but it didn't  do much and my legs felt cold. I shivered slightly  and decided to take a seat on the bus station thinking that it might help. I opened my phone and checked the time. 20 minutes until the bus arrives. I let out a sigh and started to scroll through random stuff in my phone.

Music, Gallery, text messages just random stuff in general until I hear footsteps coming to my direction. My eyes instantly dart towards the sound as I was pretty bored. Kacchan I thought and started fiddling with my phone until I decided to text my new friends. Hmm How about Todoroki? I think and give myself a small smile when Kacchan  sat right next to my chair.

I turn my head to see him still having Todoroki's message chat open. Though I didn't  had anything in there I could see Kacchan looking at it with a disgusted  look on his face. I kept looking  at his face for a few seconds and Snap back into reality and looked at my phone  again. "The kinda late huh?" I say to break the silence and the weird  tension between us.

"Yea." He replied. Calmly. My face instantly turn to him just  waiting for him to start yelling again. WAIT KACCHAN REPLYING TO ME CALMLY? NO YELLING? NO TELLING ME TO SHUT UP. IT MUST BE THE END  OF THE WORLD. "Y-Yea" I say and smile and look back at my phone and give Kacchan another glance  and he had his eyes  closed as If he was resting  himself.

Maybe that's  why he's  nice. He's  sleepy. I was smiling at him and I didn't  even realized it. But once I did I turned my head back at the phone.

• Bakugo Katsuki pov •
It was so peaceful, the bus stop. Yea It was kinda cold but It felt nice. Yea Deku was right next to me. Maybe that was the fact that added to the peacefulness of it, or maybe not..who knew.

I saw Deku's phone  screen, she was texting that half and half bastard.. ugh I swear he pisses me off so much and Deku is his friend? That's  so fucking dumb. I breath deeply  to myself and erased the thought from my mind just to enjoy the peacefulness. I heard Deku say how the bus was late and I calmly agreed.

I closed my eyes as they felt weirdly heavy and I closed my eyes to rest them. It was silence..I liked it. And then I opened my eye for a split second  just to see Deku sitting on the chair and looking at her phone  smiling and a smile so weirdly spread on my face what a nerd I thought shut my eyes again.

It had been 10 minutes and I was just quater awake. My mind was unlinked with reality and Then I felt soft hands on my shoulder tapping. "Kacchan? Kacchan!" The feminine voice  says as I open my eyes and was face to face close to Izuku. Maybe  she didn't  understand the severty of the situation. Our faces were so close but as soon as I opened my eyes her face  went away letting mine to burn up. "Damn DEKU I GET IT THAT THE BUS IS HERE JESUS" I yell flustered.

She flinched "y..yea" she looked down seeming somewhat upset and that suprised me and caused me to lose my angered expression. She then got straight  on to the bus without looking back and I followed and let out a sigh. Why was it bothering me that she seemed upset. It's  not like I should care  it's  just  stupid Deku, the same old stupid stupid Deku.

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