Chapter Two: "Did you kiss him?" "There's nothing between us-"

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Chapter Two: "Did you kiss him?" "There's nothing between us-"

The party turned out to not be in another state, but it was about twenty miles away, a long distance for a simple party. Deva and Michael had been wondering how they'd go to and from the party when a new note had been sent. This one said that all guests would be picked up by a limo service and driven to the party. They'd also set up pre-paid taxi's - was there really such a thing? - to take them home whenever they wanted.

Deva, after some thought, decided to decline the invitation. Julian had chosen to leave her. He was going to have to come back, not the other way around, if he wanted to hear anything from her. Of course, Michael, not knowing the reason for her sudden refusal, managed to get her to accept the invitation and go.

And so Deva found herself in a black cocktail dress, a black shawl over her shoulders and a dagger stashed in a thigh holster just in case the situation demanded some action. Bringing the dagger was the only thing Deva and Michael agreed on; even her dress was inappropriate for the party. Deva voiced her opinion of not caring, and that if a man was too busy looking at her legs she'd give them a good view; with a kick that is.

The limo stopped again to pick two more guests. That's how it was mostly; the invited and their partners. A woman stepped in, long flowing curls that looked straight out of a TV add swept over one bare shoulder. She wore a very skin tight dress, one that showed off her... voluptuousness. That wasn't attracted Deva's attention. It was the man who followed after her.

Auburn hair, straight and grown out a little past his ears, flopping around messily. His eyes were a sharp grey that surveyed the limo with caution. Everything about him was the same... and more. Better. From within, the virus stirred, seeing past prey that had long ago escaped. Her predatory need to kill him right that instant hit so hard she had to hold back a gasp as she his herself beside Michael, who gave her a curious glance before seeing the sudden flash of colors in her eyes.

After that, his arms were around her tightly, and while it looked to others as if they were merely lovers enjoying time together, it felt like hell was taking over Deva from the inside, trying but not succeeding in breaking the ties that kept Deva herself and not a blood crazy monster. The memory of the last kill she'd ever made flashed briefly through her mind, bringing her back through the motions, the need.


the virus urged. Kill. Kill. KILL!

When Deva finally got control of herself, she looked up and found herself staring at grey eyes. They weren't Michael's, and the empty look they gave her made her feel like she'd been taunted. Kill me, that's what his eyes say, the virus growled. The woman she'd seen get into the limo before Julian was his partner, and she was practically all over him, smiling cattily. Other guests looked a bit sickened by the display but none of them seemed to care about Deva and Michael. I wonder why, she thought dryly.

The ride was spent mostly in silence, Michael restraining Deva in the small moments when she'd almost lose it whilst she worked on silencing the virus. It was too hard for her, being near him. After two years of not seeing him, of only knowing him through her memories, the real thing was too much. And the virus was taking advantage of her weakness to see him dead.

At some point, Deva fell asleep from the strain of holding down the virus. What followed was the strangest of dreams...


She was back in the house. People crowded her from every corner, smiling, laughing, dancing. Long skirts pooled to the ground; hair was put up in all kinds of different up-do's, curly strands hanging loosely around faces that were powdered up. The men wore suits of different colors; navy, black, white, ivory. It was a sort of ball.

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