81 - Round Two

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Hernanda Wilkinson

The pit began filling up with water. I stared at Timothy after placing his body in a sitting position so that he wouldn't drown. The water was feet deep. Besides the rainwater, slush began pouring into the pit. 

"Ow. Ahhh! Ooooh!" muttered Timothy, coming back to consciousness.

I stared at him. "Timothy?"

"Ahhhhhhh!" he screamed, clutching his elbow. "Oooooh!" He fell on the flooding floor and screamed in pain. "Urghhhhh!"He then looked at his elbow and shrieked, seeing it in an odd position. He tried to move. "Eeeeeeeh!" he yelled. "Oh! No!" He put his head down on his chest and hollered.

"Don't move it, Timothy," I said. "your elbow has dislocated."

"Ahhhh!" shouted Timothy louder than before. He broke into tears and deep groans.

 I remembered watching a chiropractor video on the internet. I saw him hold the elbow and with a strong push, bring it back to place. I stared at Timothy's elbow, which looked entirely out of place. 

"Ummm. Timothy, I think I can help you — "

"Hurry. Why are you waiting?" Timothy yelled in pain. 

"It's going to hurt, but trust me, you'll be fine."

I went near him and squatted. Drops of rainwater slid off my face. 

"Hurry — Ahhhhh!" he screamed.

"Please bear with me. It will hurt a little," I said, afraid to cause Timothy more pain. I gently placed my hands on his hand.

"Ooooh! Oooh!" his voice grew softer as I slowly touched his hand. "Urghhh!" he screamed, feeling a jolt of pain. He then bit his lip to suppress the noise.

I quickly grabbed his hand and jerked the ball into the joint. Timothy bit his lip tightly and shook his head vigorously when I did that, trying his best to control himself. 

I let go of his limb, and he slumped down, taking deep breaths. His elbow looked normal now. A few moments before, it looked awkward, as if there was a big ball there. I managed to shove it back to place. "Try moving it. Gently."

He listened to me. He slowly moved his elbow to the right. He moaned a little. Then he moved it to the right. "It's back to normal, but it's hurting still a bit."

"Don't worry, it'll be fine."

"How are we here?" he asked, looking at the walls of this enormous pit. 

"When you fell off the tree, the demoness chased us. I dragged you with me into the forest. When I finally ran away from it, I put you down and was panting. That was when the earth below me collapsed and fell into what is now this: a pit."

"Where's the ghost?" Timothy asked.

"She's gone," I said, panting.

Timothy said in a worried tone, "Hernanda, we must get out of here. She can come back at any moment! She can even apparate here! We've got to escape if we even think of saving Alice and Kirt! If she doesn't kill us, the water will."

"We can't climb out, Timothy," I said, feeling dejected. The water was knee-deep. We had to get up. "The walls are plastered. Except for that muddy portion there. Even if we climbed up a bit on that muddy bit, it's going to give away."

"Hernanda, we've got to do something!" said Timothy, staring at the water filling up. 

Felipe Altamirano Alvarez Espadachín

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