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HE was looking intently at the hard copy of Primrose's latest novel entitled Mr. Silent Heart. After all these years, this was one of the things that gave him the reason to go on with his life. Everything that was written in the novel was forever etched on his heart, on his mind, and on his soul.

Mr. Silent Heart

by: Primrose Everdeen

I'm having a hard time conceptualizing this novel but because of the help of this person, I managed to finish this novel. Not only that, he also helped me find my true love. So to my best friend, Daniel Prieston: Thank you so much for your help! You'll always be my best friend, Nile! I love you.

"Pare, bilisan mo. Malapit nang magsimula 'yong kasal ni Primrose Everdeen," nakangising tawag sa kanya ng kapatid ni Primrose na si Harmond. "She will hate you big time if you're not there on time, being her best friend and all."

Umiling na lang siya at sinipat muli ang sarili sa harap ng salamin. He was wearing his mask again so no one would know how he truly felt inside.

No one would know that he...

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