Livin' With a Jerk; I'd Actually Prefer Poltergeist

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“This is it. I’ve found my new home.” I sighed contently.

“That’s a cardboard box.”

“You don’t see me judging your house, do you?”

“Come on, Cinn! We’ve only been looking for a few days, and you’re giving up already?” My friend Tessa rebuked me.

“This search is useless! There’s no way in hell I’m going to find an apartment for rent both within my budget and a close walking distance to my classes. It’s impossible.” I explained with a groan, kicking at the gravel under my feet.

“Let’s look through a few more newspaper today before we give up, alright?”


We walked into a corner deli and bought a few newspapers. I wasn’t getting my hopes up, though. Idiots overpriced their crappy apartment rooms for no freaken reason.

With our newspapers in hand, we sat on the curb of the sidewalk like bums and began to flip through the pages.

“My house is still open for you to stay at for the rest of the semester, you know.” Tessa told me without looking up.

“You know I don’t want to be a burden. You’ve done enough for me as it is.” I smiled at her generosity.

“The offer’s always there.”

“I know. Thanks.”

Every apartment in the first newspaper was priced over $1,000 so I chucked the newspaper into the nearby garbage can and flung open the second paper.

“I don’t understand how eight people in one apartment is still over $1,000 per person. You might as well buy an entire house with all that money.” I said with distaste.

“That’s New York City, for ya.”

“Screw this city.”

“Let’s not – Oh hey, this looks promising.” She suddenly said, pointing to a tiny ad on her newspaper.

“It’s $200 a month. What the hell? That’s not even possible.” I said in awe.

“Woah, apparently, it’s in Soho too. And they’re looking for only girls. I think this is it.” Tessa told me with a huge grin.

“This really seems too good to be true.” I said like the optimist I was.

“Just call the number and find out more stuff about it.” Tessa pushed, grabbing my phone out of my coat pocket and shoving it into my hand.


I punched the number on the ad into my phone and within a few rings, a friendly female voice answered the phone.


“Hi, I’m calling about the ad you put out in the newspaper about a room for rent?” I said into the phone.  

“Oh! Of course. I take it you’re interested in the room?” She asked me enthusiastically.

“Yeah, I was just wondering about the price…” I said.

“Cheap, isn’t it? I used to be a tenant, but an emergency came up and I have to sell the room by next week, so I had to put up a cheap price to get an occupant fast. My roommate was willing to pay more to cover for any extra expenses, so everything’s covered.” She quickly explained.

“So no rats, ghosts, roaches, lack of electricity or anything like that?” I muttered into the phone, which earned me a disapproving look from Tessa.

“Nope! The apartment is good as new!” She exclaimed.

I began to get really excited about all of this that was suddenly happening, and I had to bite my tongue to avoid crying out. “Can I set up a date to go see the place?”

“Sure, just give me some of your information.”

So, I answered all the questions she asked for me, and pretty soon, I was standing in front of a gorgeous apartment in downtown New York City, waiting to see my future home.

The neighborhood was amazing. It was clean, bright and just had a nice, friendly aura to it.

Anxiously, I stepped into the lobby and made my way to the elevators.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the elevators were huge!

Being manically claustrophobic, that was a huge plus in my book. I just wanted to drop on the ground and roll around. But all four walls of the elevator were made of glass, so some innocent bystander would see me and possibly think I’m a nut job. I always did make great first impressions.

As soon as the elevator doors opened, I bolted down the carpeted hallway and made it to the room. 711!

The door was open a sliver, so I assumed that the person I had talked to on the phone, Michelle, was already inside.

Not thinking twice about my actions, I pushed the door open and stepped in.

Why the hell was there a half-naked guy sitting on the couch, watching football?!



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