To Have Control (52)

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     She kissed him gently as he slammed into her, gliding in and out between her legs with a visciousness she had never encountered before. He was rough in a way she wasn't used to, almost like he was punishing her, but she knew he wasn't punishing her.

     He bit down on her lip, breaking her skin with his claws as they dug into her hips.

     Still she touched him with tenderness, gasping against his mouth. "Warrick!" Again and again, she called to him. She praised him, in between her moaning-among other breathless sounds.

     Their slick bodies created a sweet, torturous friction as they shook the entire bed, which crashed against the wall for the entire world to hear. Aeress couldn't do much this time around and thought better of it. Warrick needed this, needed to have control, even if it meant giving up her own control in return.

     She arched her back so that the beaded nipples of her breasts rubbed against him, adding just that much more to the experience. The sensation pleasured her as much as it drove him wild, which prompted him to ravage her further so. 

     He kept biting her to the point that he broke more skin. He left bruises on her and she didn't stop him. She submitted in a way she didn't think she was capable of. 

     Aeress closed her eyes and continued to focus her attention on his lips. She kissed him the entire time, in between the sensual sounds which left her mouth. She needed to make sure that he didn't lose himself completely and remembered that she was still there no matter what.

     He sped up, growly loudly, and the shere force of his thrusts felt like they would break her pelvis any second now. He was so close. Aeress screamed at the intensity of his body sinking into her fully, filling her until she could burst. He was quick like a viper, yet her whole body was bouncing at the weight of him. She squeezed around him as he finally swelled just before jutting inside of her.

     Their shouts filled the room before Warrick collapsed on top of her. He wrapped his arms around her naked and used body and squeezed tightly. He buried his face into her neck and refused to move from that spot.

     She didn't complain this time but simply laid there. Her arms were immobile as they were literally pinned down by his weight-so were her legs.

     Eventually he fell asleep.

     Then he would wake and fuck her again and again in that same feral fashion.

     She didn't complain once, not even when she was sore.

     A couple hours passed, and he didn't stop.

     It wasn't her mouth that asked him for mercy, but the blood from in between her legs. She winsed as he reached down and fingered her only to come up with crimson. Those blue eyes of his watched her the entire time and when he saw that she tried to mask her pain for him, it broke him.

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