"What is it daddy?"

She asked with a tone of excitement. I chuckled.

"How about I give you a bath in the shower?"

She nodded her head fast.

"Yes yes yes."

I smiled. I got up and set a stool in the shower for me to sit since i'm tall and her bath supplies.

I helped her wash herself and her hair making sure she is clean. She even tried washing herself which i'm really proud of. 

I changed her into a cute shorts and a baby sized black hoodie which says "Princess Faith" at the back. I did that hoodie specially for her. 

I carried her downstairs as we all ate breakfast having small talk her and there. Faith was so much better now. She could finish a whole breakfast by herself. I feel so proud to raise this beautiful girl right in front of me.

A while later, Faith left with Charlotte and it was just me waiting for Sienna for her explanation.

I was doing some work on my laptop when I heard a knock. I open the door and saw Sienna.

She looked at me.


I just stared at her.

"Come in."

We took a seat on my couch and I said.

"Tell me everything and don't let go a single part out."

She nodded.

"Is Faith here?"

"None of your business."

She glared.

"Can you not be rude?"

"I'm sorry Sienna but I lost respect for you the day you told me you gave your own daughter to adoption and didn't thought of contacting me. BECAUSE OF YOU, SHE IS RAPED. MY OWN PRECIOUS PRINCESS IS RAPED."

She was silent as a tear slipped from her eyes. I took a deep breathe as the tension between us grew more.

"Just fucking tell me before I get even more mad."

She wiped her tear and begun.

Sienna Pov


I woke up...my eyes adjusting to the brightness. It took a while. I just gave birth

I look to my right, to see a baby girl all wrapped up in a pink blanket beside me. I carried her slowly and gently..

I brought her close to me. I knew i couldn't keep her. My future will be ruined. I sat there thinking if I should call Zander. My boyfriend. My lover.

I was just sitting there thinking of what can I do with her when I heard a baby yawn. I looked down and saw the baby opening her eyes, looking so much like Zander. Her eyes was just like his. The same eyes i fell in love with.

We were both staring at each other before she started crying. I didn't wanna breastfeed her because I don't wanna be close to her if I'm gonna give her up for adoption. 

 I didn't know what to do so I put her back beside me and faked sleeping. The crying was going on for a while till it stopped. 

I acted like I was waking up when I saw that lady who is a nurse, holding the baby close to her smiling big. It was like it was meant to be. She looked at me and smiled softly. 

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