Chapter 26

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Zander POV

It was the next day, Faith was asleep while I was downstairs with Charlotte. I just told her everything. She was shocked too. I was still angry with Sienna. I decided it was best for Faith to not be here while I talk to Sienna. 

So Charlotte and Faith are having a girls day out. She was making breakfast as I stared and took in every movement. She was so goddamn beautiful. When I look at her all I think about is her. 

I went behind her and wrap my arms around her waist. She raised an eyebrow. 

"What are you doing baby?"

"Showing my beautiful and best girlfriend ever some love"

I say placing  a kiss on her neck. She giggled. I off the stove and carry her placing her on the counter and start to kiss her neck sucking on her skin softly taking in her scent which smelled like vanilla and cotton candy. 


She said my name while moaning softly. It sounded so good.

"We can't do this here."

"Shhhhh. Let me take care of you."

I go back to kissing her neck softly slowly travelling to her lips, kissing her soft pink lips as she deepens the kiss immediately. Both of us went into a deep make out session.

 I was about to take her shirt off as she already took off mine when of course my wonderful best friend walked in. 

"Ewwwww. Zander! For god sake! This is the fucking kitchen! Not somewhere to have sex."

I looked at him and groaned as Charlotte blushed. I kiss her cheek whispering,

"Don't worry baby i'll handle him,you go dress up princess she will wake up in a while."

She nodded and left. I glared at Nick.

"Why dude? Why?"

"Because it's fucking disgusting. I eat there you fucktard!"

"I was in the zone bro! I do not get this kind of opportunities. Can you stop-"

Then I heard a cry.


I immediately rushed upstairs to see a shock Charlotte and a crying princess. I carried Faith and rub her back.

I looked at Char.

"What happen love?"

"I just wanted to give her a bath but she wouldn't let me. I tried to convince her that it's just me and she cried for you."

She said with a worried and sad expression. I smiled softly.

"It's okay baby i'll get her ready. She just isn't ready yet for someone else to bath her. Plus there is a cow downstairs hungry. Feed him."

She giggled and I kiss her softly. I watched as she walked out. I then noticed Faith had calmed down as well.

"Morning princess."

"Mowning daddy."

She mumbles. I set her on the bed and went to the bathroom as she plays with her stuffie.

I was about to fill the tub when I thought maybe it was time to stand in the shower and give a bath as she is growing bigger. My sweet princess.

I changed into shorts and went shirtless as I undress her.

She looked at me with her cute hazel eyes which kinda looks like mine. I smiled kissing her nose making her giggle.

"So daddy thought of something."

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