Chapter 34: Part 1

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How Do I Put This...

A/N: Heyyy! I really can't seem to pull enough courage to finish this darn book so this is it. THIS IS THE LAST CHAPTER. It will be long and broken into TWO PARTS. It scares me to have to think about it coming to an end, but I think I may have dragged it out too long. Enjoy as always!

*** unedited till I have time to edit***

Lilly's POV:

        "He-hello" I managed to croak out as I answered the phone. "Hi, sweety." My mother said kindly. "How did it go?" I asked with a small crack in my voice."It went okay. Here's the deal. Since you guys are used to living with me, you will stay with me in our house now. You have no ristrictions on when you can visit your father. You can stay with him whenever you want." She tried to say but I could tell she was getting a little choked up. "What about his stuff and where he will stay?" I interrogated, trying to find out as much information as possible. "Well he will take most of his stuff like his car and clothes and things he bought for himself or under his name. Since I got the house under my name, I get to keep it. As of where he will be staying, he has already rented an apartment." She explained.

     She was talking to me like she was reading me information. She was trying to keep her facade up. Why can't she just talk to us like a normal mom? Why can't she care as much as a normal mom? "Please, mom, stop talking to me like I am one of your co-workers. Please, talk to me like you are my mom. Give me some emotion. I know you are hurt and it's okay. We all are. I love you mom and I just know if you bottle this up it will explode because thats what happened to me. Just let it out." I soothed and I could hear a slight sob from the other end of the call. "You were always the smart one. I love you too hun, talk to you later." She said in a whisper almost. Then the line clicked dead.

Great job Lilly, wow nice way to make her feel better. Round of applause for bringing your mother to tears.

     Shut up. She has to let it out at some point.

     Wow did I really just talk to myself?



      "Lilly." Josh snapped in front of my face bringing me out of my trance. "Yeah, huh?" I replied and he let out a chuckle but with the current circumstances it must have been forced. "What did she say?" He asked with low spirits. "Why don't we talk about it at home. Let's finish the day off-" I tried but he cut me off. "You don't have to protect me anymore. Just tell me what she said." He stated with fustration in his voice. I explained everything, and I could see some relief form in his eyes. It wasn't much, but it was some hope to be semi-normal, whatever that is.


      The movie came to an end and Josh and I were pretty much in our own worlds the entire time. "We're gonna get going." I say before anyone has left. We are the first ones to leave but I think they will understand. "No problem. I love ya. Good night." Kaitie winked as we trudged to the front door. There were muffled 'byes' through everyone's voices. "Love you all. Night." I said as I turned the cold door handle and opening it to the fresh outdoor air.

       I walked out of the house and the warm air swept across my face. It was soothing. "Isn't the sky pretty tonight?" I mused to Josh as we began the short walk home. The sky was arranged with different colors of red, orange, pink, and purple, swirling in with some blue. They were all so very different colors yet they worked together to compromise. They just worked well. A tear strolled down my face as I realized what I was trying to compare it to. My parents will never be like a sunsetting sky again, they will be like the sun and the moon, they may never meet.

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