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crusty crew 🤠🤡
July 25, 2019 | 3:24 am

keith: guuuuuuuuys

noah: whAt

courtney: dude it's like 3 am

keith: yeah but like,, i'm boooored

olivia: does that translate to 'i don't have the summer packet for physics' bc i swear to god

keith: ...
keith: maybe

olivia: i can predict the goddamn future

tomey: omg raven-symoné is that u??

boze: OMG what a legend

olivia: fuck ive been found out
olivia: aNyways @kleakjr i'll pm u

keith: omfg ur a lifesaver 🥺

olivia : yeah ik

courtney: are we just gonna skip over the whole '3:27 am' thing or

tomey: yeah

courtney: alr sick

shayne: wait olivia ur a junior why do u have physics???

olivia: i have asian parents dumbass

shayne: o h .

olivia: also i tested out of bio so 🤪🤪

courtney: imagine passing your test out 🤪

noah: phat oof

tomey: wait which of you are juniors???
tomey: besides olivia, i mean

noah: me and courtney

damien: WHAT
damien: i check this gc for the first time in days and i find out that THREE (3) of you are babies

tomey: omg ur right!! ur all babey

olivia: bitch i'm in all senior classes eat my foot



shayne: well then,

keith: LMAOOOO 😭😭

tomey: and while i don't know if that offer was to damien or me, i will have to politely decline

damien: lol yeah same, i just ate

olivia: suit yourselves
olivia: anyways what science classes are y'all taking?

courtney: earth n space physics babey

tomey: applied physics bc it's easy lmao

keith: physics

shayne: i'm not taking one bc i tested out of chem sooo

noah: earth and space

damien: guess i'm the only one in the chemistry gang 😔🤘

boze: hey i'm in the chem gang 🤘😤

damien: B E T

olivia: cool cool
olivia: anyways we should probably sleep

boze: ur right but ur also no fun >:(

courtney: alr gn my dudes

damien: gn bb grill

olivia: gn clowns

tomey: gn sweaties 🥰🥰

olivia: i hope you perish

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